Molykote S00966200 in 20g tube has thicker viscosity. Molykote 1oz grease tank 30 jar has less viscosity in non flowing grease lubricant compound from Dow Chemical. Both are for the needle bar case roller drivers and shafts at top of the machines, thread cut unit motor shafts and gears, lower shaft unit idle pulley, upper shaft unit presser foot and thread take up cam and bearing, bushings shafts holes, needle bar unit and take up lever holes, thread wiper lever gear, and V groove rails, arm feed units, motor gears, linkages, Do not use without proper instructions* usually requiring applications not more than the size of a grain of rice. Non flowing grease is less likely to oil drop spots onto your embroidery when used on mechanisms above the needles and less likely to gravitate to sensative electronic parts. Keep grease and container out of reach from children.

*Brother PR600 Technical Service Manual with MOLYKOTE Grease Application Instructions. Use your Control F key to Search for MOLYKOTE applications once the 232 page pdf has fully loaded on your computer

Parts Catalogue for Brother PR600