Water is the key to proper cleaning with a microfiber cloth. We sell this water atomizer because we found that it delivers the perfect fine mist to provide the best possible clean with our full range of cloths from the General Purpose e-cloth to the Deep Clean Mop.

• 10-ounce water atomizer
• Very fine mister for use with e-cloths
• Ergonomic trigger design

While cleaning any surface, it is inevitable that a lot of water will be used and wasted. It also means that a lot of water will need to be cleaned up. The water atomizer makes sure that the amount of water provided for the cleaning is just right and as required. This water atomizer makes the work of a microfiber cloth much easier by delivering the right amount of water in the form of fine mist.
It is a 10 ounce atomizer that has a very fine misting design and can be used anywhere to help with the cleaning. Using this atomizer for the e cloths to clean your home or your car can definitely help you save money on the endless paper towels and also to keep your house away from chemicals that are generally used to keep the house clean from bacteria as the e-cloths eliminate 99% of the bacteria while cleaning the surface itself.

The e-cloth® water atomizer is made in a manner that is very easy to hold, no matter which part of the house you are cleaning. It will not slip out of the hands or feel too heavy while you are cleaning. The atomizer works in tandem with any of the e-cloths to give you the best results on any type of surface or even glass.

Where to Use: Use this 10-ounce very fine mist Water Atomizer with your e-cloth® cleaning cloths for chemical free cleaning. Reduce the use of paper towels and chemical cleaners creating a healthier home environment.

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