Here is a "Spray on" fusible web that turns any fabric or stabilizer into a fusible product. Easy and convenient to use, and sews through easily. 6 oz. Standard ORMD shipping procedures apply.

606 enables adhering permanently onto fabric after ironing for 45 secondes on cotton setting. Glues fabrics, appliqués, badges, ribbons… Can be washed on warm setting (40°C) and dry cleaned.

How to use
1. Pre-wash fabric. Protect work surface. Shake can vigorously.
2. Spray evenly from 8 to 10 inches in short spritzes.
3. Be sure to spray edges.
4. Wipe nozzle if necessary Place item in desired position.
5. Cover with parchment paper or teflon sheet..
6. Iron on high setting 45 seconds, always moving iron.
7. Allow to cool.