Simflex Expanding Sewing Gauge:
Quick and easy to use. Simply lay it over your garment and expand it to the desired length for perfectly measured equal distances and accurate spacing from 3/8" to 3 3/8". Ideal for shirring, smocking, buttons, eyes, drapery pleats, dress pleats, and tucks and gathers.

Measures multiple equal distances in a snap. Makes an ideal knitting gauge, too! Flexible and lightweight; silver finish.

Use for:
  • Fast accurate spacing of buttons, buttonholes, hooks, eyes, dress pleats, drapery pleats, tucks, shirring, and smocking
  • Measure accurate bias or straight strips for quilting or for use with the Bias Tape Makers
  • Expands to 24"
Extended, gauge measures 24" with 3-1/2" between each of the eight marking points
Collapsed, it measures 2-1/2" with 5/16" between each marking point
Instructions included