Compare Schmetz Leather Needles, Wedge Shape Point Slices Rather than Punches Round Hole, Flat Shank for Home Sewing Machines, 100 Loose

Flat Shank Leather Point Needles for Home Sewing Machines with "wedge" point for sewing leather, vinyl, plastic and similar materials.

Please Specify One Size 11, 14, 16 or 18

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Leather point needles "slice" through the leather-like materials while making a cleanly cut needle hole. A standard "set" or "sharp" point needle punches it's way through leather like materials which may make irregularly or undesirably shaped needle holes. The leather point "slices" through the leather like materials while making a a cleanly cut needle hole.
Arleen B, Ft Wayne IN
Would highly recommend this product. I sew vinyl embroidery machine items. The needle lasts longer, and correct a lot of my nesting problems.

Janice, Maine
Everything worked out very well. I received the item very quickly and was informed when it was on its way. Also, a good price with free shipping! Thank you.

Susin, Canada
It was a very pleasant experience dealing with your company from start to finish. From the lady who took my order over the phone up to the very fast delivery, it was a real pleasure. Thank you