• Replacement Decorative Stitching Foot "N"
  • For Brother and Babylock Embroidery and Sewing Machines

    For Use With: SE-270D, NX-200, NX-400, NX-600, CS-6000T, CS-6000, CS-6000i, XR-7700, HE-240, LB-6770, HS-2000, XR-9000, CP-7500, CP-6500, SQ9000, HS-2500, SQ9050, XR9500PRW, Simplicity SB700T, XR1300, HC1850
Compatible with Babylock Sewing Machine Models:
BL40, BL40A (Grace), BL137A2 (Sofia 2), BL200A (Elizabeth), BLCC (Crafter's Choice), BLCC2 (Crafter's Choice), BLDC, BLDC2 (Decorator's Choice), BLG, BLMY (Melody), BLQC, BLTP (Tempo), ESI, ESI2, ESE, ESE2, ESG, ESL, ESP (Espire) & INT.

Compatible with Brother Sewing Machine Models:
CE-4000, CE50000PRW, CE-5500PRW, CP-6500, CP-7500, CS-100t, CS-4000, CS6000, CS-6000t, CS-6000i, CS8060, CS8100, CS8150, CS8200, EX-660, HE-240, HS-1000, HS-2000, NV4000D, NX200, NX400, NX600, PC7000, PC7500, PC8000, PC8200, PC8500, PC8895, SE-270D, SE-350, SQ-9000, ULT2001, ULT2002, ULT2003D, XR-4040, XR-6600, XR-7700 & XR-9000.

Compatible with Singer Sewing Machine Models:
7422, 7424, 7426, 7436CL, 7442, 7462, 7464, 7468, CE100 & CE200.

Alternative Part Numbers Include BLG-MF, BL37-MF, XD0810-031, XD0810031 (XD0810-031), X53840351 (X53840-351) & 085015
Other Images

icon Brother XD0810031 Transparent See Thru Foot N for up to 7mm Wide Zigzag

Carolyn W, Bullard TX
I was pleased to find these parts and to get them quickly. Your price seemed fair. Thanks!