Alternate Part Numbers: 117132001, 117132-0-01, AC 48794B657074, 270010, 62212, B9117-012-000, B9117012000

  • These bobbins are for all High speed side load industrial sewing machines
  • L type box of 100 bobbins
Guaranteed to fit Brother Sewing Machine Models:
DB2-B700, DB2-B714, DB2-B716, DB2-B755, DB2-B756, DB2-B760, DB2-B763, DB2-B767, DB2-B780, DB2-B791, DB2-B792, DB2-B793, DB2-B797

Guaranteed to fit Eltac Sewing Machine Models:

Guaranteed to fit Juki Sewing Machine Models:
DDL-W, DDL-227, DDL-552, DDL-553, DDL-555, DDL-555-2, DDL-555-4, DDL-5530N, DDL-5550, DDL-5550N, DDL-8300N, DDL-8500, DDL-8500-7, DDL-8700, DDL-8700-7, DDL-9000, DDW Class, DLD, DLD-M, DLD-N, DLN-5410N-7, DLN-5410NJ-7, DLN-9010, DLN-9010SH, DLN-9010SS, DLU, LZ-271, LZ-581, TL-2200QVP Longarm, TL-72, TR-7

Guaranteed to fit Singer Sewing Machine Models:
188, 195, 196K5, 241, 251, 281, 400W, 400W1, 400W21, 600W, 600W1, 660, 95, 96

Guaranteed to fit Union Special Sewing Machine Models:
61800, 62200

Alternate Part Numbers: 117132-0-01, AC 48794B657074, 270010, 62212, B9117-012-000, B9117012000
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icon Superior B-9117-012-000 Type L Juki Black Metal Bobbins 100 with Holes

Melanie S, Manlius NY
I am one very happy customer and I'm so happy to have found you in my search to get my sewing machine up and working!