It's Sew Easy Series 800... Whatever the Fashion, Sewing is Timeless
Fashion and style throughout the 20th century were influenced by historical events, changing attitudes, new lifestyles and rapidly advancing technology. Skirt fullness, necklines, hemlines, embellishments all changed as women moved from home to the workplace. Sewing and design sewing experts show how s to use time-honored techniques with the latest sewing tools and technology to create today’s fashions.

801 - The New Century Begins – The 1900’s
The Industrial Revolution was in full swing and women ventured beyond their homes into the workplace and politics. Angela Wolf creates a luxurious kimono duster inspired by those worn over long, full skirts and dresses. Kathy McMakin uses today’s machines to create a precious heirloom baby bonnet you’ll treasure.

802 - The World at War 1910-1919
As the first World War began, supplies became scarce. Women joined the workforce as men fought overseas. Fashions became less restrictive, bustles disappeared and the silhouette became sleeker. Designers used scraps for embellishment and manipulated fabric to create design details. Rebecca Kemp Brent shows how to create beautiful scrap fabric flowers. Angela Wolf uses couture draping techniques to add fashion flair to a straight skirt.

803 - The Late Teens – Everything Had Changed
As the war ended, people dressed up more. Coleen Swettman uses computerized embroidery technology to create free-standing lace for accessories, collars, cuffs and trim. Women wore bloomers for sports like swimming, tennis, basketball and bowling. Tina Givens shows how to update the original bloomers to wear today. Lynn Lunoe shows how to create charming doll fashions faster than ever.

804 - The Roaring 20’s
The 20’s were a time to celebrate with shorter skirts and lots of glitz. Fashionable women wore tubular styles with bare shoulders, glitter and fringe. Angela Wolf makes a fringy tank top with today’s look using knit and woven fabrics. Amber Eden shows how to sew with sequined fabric to create contemporary sparkly fashions.

805 - The Golden Era – The Late 1920’s
Women were working outside the home, volunteering and voting! It was a time to see and be seen as designers found inspiration in sports heroes and movie stars. Sewing expert Lisa Shaw shows how to use computerized design techniques to create a stunning capelet and Angela Wolf designs and sews a form-fitting gored skirt with faux suede piping that flatters any figure.

806 - After the Big Crash: 1930’s
The party of the 1920’s ended in a big stock market crash, plunging the nation into the Great Depression. Simple, sleek lines, body-hugging bias cut dresses and upcycled hand-me-downs were the fashion hallmarks. Angela Wolf creates glamourous evening wear on the bias and Rebecca Kemp Brent adds scallops to add a fresh look to any garment or to home décor.

807 - The World at War – Again: The 1940’s
Factories hummed and women took up men’s roles making military supplies as the second World War began. Fabric was rationed and women took fashion cues from military uniforms. Angela Wolf makes a contemporary jacket inspired by General Eisenhower’s shortened uniform jacket. Embroidery expert Lisa Shaw shows how to design a handy embroidered clutch bag for an evening out.

808 - Fashion Inside and Out – the Late 1940’s
As the war ended, women wore more tailored garments and pants. Fabric was readily available and flounces and drape became important design details to soften the masculine look. Sewing expert Londa Rohlfing shows how to make flounces for a truly feminine touch and Angela Wolf makes trendy cropped pants with a hidden zipper and great waistband treatments.

809 - The 1950’s Boom and Rock
In the 1950’s, every teenager had a transistor radio and went to the sock hop. Designer and sewing expert Gretchen Hirsch shows how to make an updated circle skirt for today. Lisa Shaw adds contemporary machine-embroidery to a cardigan sweater, inspired by the sweaters of the 1950’s. Gretchen returns to show how to add a gathered crinoline to make the skirt really full and flirty.

810 - The Space Race Begins: The Late 1950’s
Nations raced to put satellites into space and the fashion scene took a futuristic step toward figure-hugging fashions. Gretchen Hirsch shows how to redesign a pattern to make a trendy blouse that buttons up the back and designer Peggy Sagers takes a cue from a man’s shirt to create a flattering shirtwaist dress with easy collar variations.

811 - The British Invasion – The 1960’s
Technology exploded and new music, fashion and ideas flooded in from England and beyond. Fashion influence went beyond Fifth Avenue and Carnaby Street in London influenced the fashion scene. Sewing expert Angela Wolf shows how easy it is to cut and sew a sassy mini-skirt and Marie Zinno uses today’s embroidery technology to embroider a hip fringed faux suede belt.

812 - The Counterculture: The Late 1960’s
We were headed to the moon! Back on earth, the hippie movement took hold with loose-fitting, fluid fashions, bell bottoms, sandals, t-shirts and headbands. Dressing up included a ruffled shirt, striped hip-hugger pants and zippered boots. Londa Rohlfing shares her sewing expertise to add ruffles to any garment and Coleen Swettman sews a hippie-inspired poncho that goes everywhere today.

813 - The Me Decade: The 1970’s
The Energy Crisis, inflation and the gas shortage ushered in the 1970’s. There were no fashion “rules”. Styles and influences came from all over the world as each individual created a personal style. Sewing expert Angela Wolf shows how to make a fashionable, updated peasant blouse with today’s Boho look. Embroidery expert Marie Zinno adds colorful embroidery to jeans to give them unique fashion flair.
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