30 reusable 8 1/2" x 11" are perfect for piecing, appliqué, or any freezer-paper techniques. ISBN: 1-57120-650-7

Sheets lie flat

Perfect size for ink jet printers or all-in-ones.

Use to print patterns and templates or to stabilize fabric for printing

Free downloadable pattern

Quilter's Freezer Paper Sheets
Freezer paper is a handy tool to make fabric stencils for decorating clothing, household textiles or quilts. Use these blank freezer paper sheets with an inkjet printer to transfer designs that have been created with a drawing program or downloaded from a website.

Draw, scan or download an image or pattern.
Print on an ink jet printer. If your design is directional and you are applying the paper to the back of your pattern, set the printer on ‘mirror image’.
Iron printed freezer paper onto fabric. Turn and press fabric without pattern shifting.
Perfect for traditional and dimensional appliqué techniques.
Freezer paper is reusable.