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3D Globe Effect
  • A dimensional effect creates contoured stitches to produce a 3D appearance

    Auto Digitizing
  • Improved Bitmap Preparation
  • Greater control over stitch type assignment
  • Color matching to your choice of thread chart
  • Can apply satin outlines to more than just black now

    Color PhotoStitch
  • Import a picture, crop and resize, adjust lightness and contrast
  • Set number of thread colors to use, select thread chart
  • Choose between image types
  • Automatically convert to stitching –absolutely amazing!

  • May be combined with existing outline stitch methods
  • Can use fill stitches if open up density with no underlay
  • Possible to combine normal embroidery and couching in the same design

    Creating CutWork for an Applique
  • Use to cut three-dimensional objects
  • You can even add a net fill to your cut holes

    Improved Options
  • More background choices
  • More articles
  • More fabric choices
  • More print options
  • Pop up menus for easy editing
  • Hooping options

  • Design large work areas—up to 10’ x 10’
  • Rectangular or circular
  • Add designs—placed and rotated automatically
  • Auto split the design and print layout templates to aid in placement
  • Also include reference marks for positioning stickers
  • Auto layout to corners, have a center motif
  • Can also auto Fit a quilt design to fit a quilt block

    Lettering & Knife Trial Version
  • Kerning is defined in font
  • For any true type fonts that has kerning defined, letters will automatically be adjusted

    Magic Wand
  • Generates satin stitches with auto-splits activated
  • Can edit as needed
  • In Software 7, this took several steps to get to satin stitches, quick in Software 8

  • Integrated multi-hooping
  • Better positioning; better default positioning of first hoop
  • New Add hoop commands—left and down
  • Improved output
  • Preview sequence
  • New add hoops auto—automatically places hoops to cover the entire design, fits as many objects as possible into each hoop position

    Opening Designs
  • Open new designs in tabs
  • This makes it easy to switch between designs
  • Easy to copy and paste between designs

    Quick Monogram
  • Selection of Design Templates to make it easy to generate monograms
  • Lettering only or with borders, or with ornaments
  • Select one and use other tabs to modify

    BERNINA Embroidery Software 8
    Free 30-Day Trial Version
    Check out the new features of the BERNINA Embroidery Software 8. Download your fully functional trial version and digitize new creative designs. The software is compatible with all BERNINA embroidery machines.

    Master BERNINA Software 8 - Getting Started - Tour of the Screen. The first step to becoming a BERNINA Embroidery Software 8 master is to familiarize yourself with the screen interface. Watch this video to learn about the Software 8 interface.

    Master BERNINA Software 8 - Getting Started - Setting Options. Learn to properly set up BERNINA Embroidery Software 8 options to get the most from your software.

    Master BERNINA Software 8 - Getting Started - Tools to Learn the Software. BERNINA Embroidery Software 8 has features and functions to help you learn the software. Discover the learning possibilities in this video.

    Master BERNINA Software 8 - Getting Started - Open vs. Insert. What is the difference between “open” and “insert”? Watch this quick video to learn more.

    Master BERNINA Software 8 - Getting Started - Saving and Sending Designs to the Machine. How do you get the design to your embroidery machine and ready to stitch? Watch this video to find out!

    Master BERNINA Software 8 - Getting Started - VIew Toolbar. Discover all the icons in the View Toolbar in BERNINA Embroidery Software 8.

    Bernina V8 - Color Photo Stitch.
    Tutorial on how to use Color Photo Snap in Bernina's new embroidery software V8

    Bernina V8 - Cutwork Applique. Tutorial on how to use Cutwork Applique in Bernina's new embroidery software V8.

    Bernina V8 - Global Effect. Tutorial on how to use Global Effect in Bernina's new embroidery software V8.

    Master BERNINA Software 8 - Getting Started - Changing the Display Colors. Learn how to change the display colors in Software 8 to make it easier to view the designs.

    Master BERNINA Software 8 - Getting Started - Altering the Background of Designs. Discover the ways that the background of designs in BERNINA Embroidery Software 8 can be changed.

    Master BERNINA Software 8 - Getting Started - Articles. Add T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and more to a design. Learn how to change the size and color of the articles you add to the background.
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icon V8 Update / Upgrade Activation This Video show, how you can activate your previous BERNINA Embroidery Software (V5 / V6 / V7), up to V8. Additionally, you can download the help instruction from the "How To" section.

icon Design Tabs

icon Monogramming

icon New CutWork Docker

icon Realistic Preview

icon Hooping Options

icon New Outline Stitch Types - Sculptured Run

icon New Outline Stitch Types - ZigZag

icon New Outline Stitch Types - Elastic Satin Stitches

icon New Outline Stitch Types - Elastic Fancy Fill Effect

icon 3D Globe Effects

icon Alternating Pattern Fills

icon Improved Outlines & Offsets

icon Mirror Merge: Reflect

icon Improved Corners

icon Hooping Improvements: Basting Stitch Markers

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