Would you like to get all your threads for your Diners Delights Recipe Embroidery Design in place?This thread kit is the perfect companion!The Amann Mettler® POLY SHEEN® 100% Trilobal Polyester Thread
included in this package is enough to make a full set of 10 recipe towels!

The package includes the following:

Black 0020, 3 large spools
White 0015, 1 large spool
Pink 2520, 2 large spools
Gold 0824, 1 small spool
Brown 0933, 1 small spool
Charcoal 4174, 1 small spool
Slate Gray 3265, 1 small spool
Plum Pink 2241, 1 small spool
Dark Gray 2674, 2 small spools
Med Teal Blue 4430, 1 small spool
Med Brown 1061, 1 small spool
Fashion Deep Blush 2011, 1 small spool
Large Spools = 875 yards of thread
Small Spools = 220 yards of thread

The Thread Kit DOES NOT INCLUDE Diner Delights Embroidery Designs
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