Maxi-Lock Value Pack, Stretch Basics. 3,000 yards per cone, Includes one each of White, Black, Eggshell and Light Grey, Basic colors.

Introducing Stretch Thread, my new BFF by Rae

MaxiLock Stretch thread in a Serger. Demonstration of serging with MaxiLock Stretch thread. It's only in the lower looper, so that the seam still has some stability. If you are sewing swimwear or gymnastics outfits you would use it in both loopers.

More stretchy Maxi Lock Wooly threads below is a different product: Generally, refers to a textured sewing thread like A&E Wildcat Plus® or Best Stretch® that is sewn on overedge and coverstitch operations. Textured sewing threads provide excellent seam coverage and seam elasticity when sewing knits.

Optional Colors Available on Single Spools of 2000 Yards Each:

32002 Black
32039 Pink
32049 Blue Mist
32059 Blue
32065 Brown
32072 Gold
32075 Emerald
32083 Steel
32088 Mother Goose
32093 Beige Taupe
32109 White
32111 Toboggan
32117 Soapstone
32131 Red Currant
32166 Medium Pink
32182 Seafoam
32193 Chicory
32265 Radiant Turquiose
32279 Churchhill Green
32326 Artillery
32365 Khaki
32427 Mint Green
32432 Light Grey
32456 Navy
32597 Lucerne Blue
32599 Natural
32601 Pearl
32645 Orchid
32674 Eggshell
32701 Swiss Beauty
43006 Blue Jean Gold
43399 Purple
43402 Sunlight
44149 Papaya
44841 Lilac
45136 Poppy Red

Maxi Lock 3000 yard 72 Color Thread Color Chart
Like Maxi Lock Stretch, YLI Woolly Nylon Thread is anything but ordinary. Excellent for both the upper and lower loopers of your serger, Original Woolly Nylon is perfect for rolled hems and edges, ruffles, swimwear, aerobic wear, kids clothes, knits and lingerie. YLI Wooly Nylon Thread is ultra-soft and fully washable.