When embroidering on jeans, a pocket is a great place to add a small design to tie a theme together!

Add a design to the pocket of a shirt; make a subtle statement.

Pockets are little spotlights for embroidery designs.

Embroidering on pockets can be difficult or impossible. How is it hooped?
Does the entire pocket need to come off, and if so, how does it go back on?

How much plotting and scheming does one need to do in order to stitch onto a pocket?!?!

Having the right hoop such as the Melco Micro Pocket Clamp can make adding your favorite embroidery designs to pockets, pant legs and bags easier and you want have to remove a pocket!!!

Great for adding embroidery designs to shirt sleeves, pant legs, pockets and bags.
Outer frame dimension: 4.5" x 4.5"
Sew field: 2.6" x 2.75"
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icon Dress Shirt Pocket Example

icon Pocket Emb Example

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