Includes 1300 Watts, 10 Amps, Auto Electronic Height Adjustment, Lifetime Belt Warranty.

The SEBO automatic X-series vacuum cleaner is the most technically advanced upright vacuum cleaner in the world. It's ability to monitor the resistance of the brushroller against the floor allows it to raise or lower the powerhead automatically to the proper cleaning height. This guarantees optimal cleaning performance on all types of carpet and flooring and protects the floor from damage.

The Intelligent Design of the SEBO automatic X ensures that the cleaning of hard floors (as well as carpets) is highly effective. The sealing strip on the bottom of the machine stops the kickback of dirt and channels the airflow through the remaining three sides, increasing the cleaning performance.

The Electronic Control is the brain of the SEBO automatic X vacuums. Not only does it control the automatic height adjustment, it is equipped with warning systems and automatic shut-off capabilities that are designed to alert the user to machine problems such as clogs, full bag, and brush obstructions.

First, the three-layer full-size filter bag collects the vast majority of the debris. Then, any remaining particles are collected by the hospital-grade micro-hygiene filter. Finally, the micro-exhaust filter cleans the exhaust air that the vacuum emits. The S-Class filtration system as described above, results in 99.9% effectiveness to 0.3 microns making the SEBO automatic X-Series vacuums the perfect choice for consumers who suffer from allergies and asthma.

LIFETIME BELT WARRANTY. The reinforced toothed belt on the SEBO automatic X-Series vacuums will not slip or stretch resulting in a more efficient use of power and should last the life of the machine.

Changing the filter bag is simple and clean - when the bag is sealed, no dust can escape.

Removal and maintenance of the brushroller requires no tools!

The entire machine is user friendly and can be disassembled in minutes (no tools are necessary). Finding and clearing blockages has never been easier.
Vacuum motor: 1300 Watts
Air flow (at motor): 103.8 CFM
Water lift (at motor): 92 inches H2O
Cord length: 40 feet
Filter bag capacity: 1.4 gallons
Sound level: 69 dB
Body weight: 16.7 lbs.
Working width: 12 inches
Motor protection: Electronic cut-out
Brush speed: 3100 rpm
Brush drive: Toothed belt with electronic overload protection

Included Accessories
  • On-board crevice tool, upholstery nozzle, and dusting brush
  • Instruction manual
  • Warranty card
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icon SEBO Automatic X4 9570AM Upright Vacuum Cleaner Dark Gray, not White

icon Included tools and attachments

I recently purchased a X4 Sebo Vacuum after trying out the one my mother has. I have used alot of vacuums in my time. I am very impressed with the workmanship and quality of this vacuum and especially with the ease of using the attachments. I also purchased the extension hose and turbo attachment. I have eight dogs in the house, six parakeets that make a mess. I have hardwood and vinyl floors and have to sweep and use attachments EVERY DAY. I never thought an upright would do the job I needed it to. This vacuum is awesome!! I absolutely love it! Worth every penny! is an independent dealer not associated with Sebo.