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Echo Quilting Clips
Designed to be used with Adjustable Ruler Foot #72 and
Ruler Foot #96, the BERNINA Echo Quilting Clips serve
as an extension to the sole of the presser foot, letting you
adapt the foot for various widths of spacing between the
stitched echoes. The clips come as a set of three, ½",
¾" and 1". Each clip has a thread slit, making it possible
to attach the ring to the foot without breaking the thread.
There are etched lines, ¼" apart as well as etched
horizontal and vertical guidelines.
The echo clip fits around the soles of Ruler Foot #72
and Ruler Foot #96 with the etched lines down. Align the
etched horizontal and vertical lines on the clip with the
horizontal and vertical markings on the foot. Push the clip
up onto the foot. The small lip on the bottom edge of the
echo clip holds the clip securely in place.To remove the
clip, with the foot and echo quilting clip on the machine,
twist and gently pull the clip down and off the foot. If
necessary, use a flat tool in the slit of the foot to release
the clip.
Machine Settings for B 780, B 790 and B 880: Select
Foot #72 and adjust the height in the touch screen from
0 to -25. The foot will then be lifted and the moving height
is reduced to zero; the hopping action of the foot is
stopped, letting the foot stay in contact with ruler.
To stitch echoes, follow the instructions for Basic Ruler
Echo Quilt Clip Tips | WeAllSew

BERNINA Echo-quilting Clips: Using straight and curved rulers.

How to attach and use the echo quilting clips on the 72 ro 96 BERNINA ruler feet without breaking them.
I broke my new echo clip and I don’t want you to do the same so here is a video that shows how to use and attach the Echo Quilting Clips easily. They are awesome!
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