Now that you have completed your Bachelor's level work by working through Volumes 1 through 4, it's time to advance your quilting studies to the Masters level. Your favorite instructors, Carrie and Harriet Hargrave, are back in this fifth book of the best-selling Quilter's Academy series. Embrace the beauty of medallion quilts as you study historic, award-winning, and original design examples. Learn advanced techniques and precision drafting and math that naturally build upon everything you've learned thus far. Working through the lessons at your own pace, you'll be challenged and inspired to design your own medallion masterwork. * Best-selling series! Fifth book in the six-part Quilter's Academy catalog * Precision techniques with advanced drafting and math that Harriet and Carrie Hargrave's readers have come to expect * Invent your own stunning medallion quilts, sparked by historic and award-winning examples * In-depth lessons to study at your own pace