Replacement sharpening stones for the TrueSharp power rotary blade sharpener (#TSSHARP). These are four-sided stones for longevity. When one side gets worn out, simply rotate the stone to a new, fresh side. Fine-grit. With NEW Diamond Grit. Longer lasting and sharpens faster.
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icon TrueSharp2 Power Sharpener

icon Grace TSSHARP2 TrueSharp 2 Rotary Blade Sharpener for 28 45 69mm Blades

icon NEW DIAMOND GRIT STONES. Longer lasting and better sharpening. Each new TrueSharp 2 includes a set of the high-quality diamond-grit sharpening stones! These stones last longer than the original stones, providing a more durable sharpening surface.

icon FINE–TUNED POWER. As powerful as always, but more refined. The blade now spins at a more even speed due to a modification of the power supply. This allow a more consistent sharpening of the blades in a shorter amount of time with less chance of error.

icon ENHANCED DESIGN. Little changes for a big difference. The sharpening process has been improved by adjusting blade alignment in the sharpener. An enhanced center–column and improved springs provide a more consistent and precise blade sharpening experience.

icon SHARPEN THREE SIZES OF ROTARY BLADE AND ALMOST ANY BRAND We know you have many cutters at home, maybe even in different sizes. The TrueSharp will sharpen most brands of blades in 28mm, 45mm, or 60mm.

icon NO BATTERIES TO WORRY ABOUT. The TrueSharp 2 plugs into the wall and runs on AC power, so you'll never have to worry about replacing any batteries.

icon COMPLETE SHARPENING KIT Everything you need to keep your rotary blades cutting sharp

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