Used for sewing in zippers; also great for sewing along the edge of thick cording.

Fits Janome Models :
MC11000 Special Edition
MC7700QCP Horizon

Regular piping feet will have limitations when using thicker piping, including the heavy jumbo cord, and this is when the adjustable zipper foot will be invaluable. A screw-on type foot, it can be adjusted to fit snugly against the cord when covering your own piping or when attaching commercial piping.
Video Demonstration Sewing on Beads:

Video Demonstration on how to use the Narrow Base Zipper Foot to put in a lap zipper:

Video Demonstration on how to use the Narrow Base Zipper Foot to make your own custom piping:
Melissa, Texas
Great online company. Would purchase from them again.

Betty, California
One of the reasons I value your site is that I can purchase Janome accessories. There are four dealers within 100 miles with the closest about 40 miles. I have had problems getting supplies from all but the farthest that I haven't yet visited. I have been waiting for over six months to receive the zipper foot #200334002 from the dealer from whom I purchased the Janome 6600P in December. I received it in only a few days from you. If a company does not adequately supervise their dealers, they are doing themselves a disservice by not allowing more access to the GOOD ones through the internet. Thank you for letting me "get this off my chest." is an independent dealer not associated with Janome.