The Mini Iron II was designed to expand the creativity of every Crafter. This New Mini Iron II has special interchangeable tips that can be used for Quilting, Sewing and Crafting. The Mini Iron II Adapter set has four adaptable tips perfect for doll making, stenciling, paper crafting, hard to reach corners and all your innovative ideas.

Look what you can do with the Mini Iron II:
  • Use ball tip to press open seams
  • Use hot knife tip to cut stencils
  • Use slim line tip to fuse bias in place
  • Use large and small iron tips to iron hard-to-reach places
3 different temperature settings so you can use this iron on almost any fabric:
  • Low (Approx. 220 degrees F) for wool, rayon, polyester and silk
  • Middle (Approx. 390 degrees F) for cotton, linen
  • High (Approx. 560 degrees F)
Included Accessories
  • Safety shield to protect your hands
  • Small iron tip, suitable for Quick Bias and small-area pressing
  • Large iron tip, suitable for pressing large areas
  • Ball tip, suitable for 3 dimensional figures such as dolls and flowers
  • Slim line tip, suitable for pressing fine areas, including seam lines
  • Hot knife tip, hot knife can cut vinyl and nylon materials
  • Flathead screwdriver to change the tips
  • Iron stand
  • Complete instructions
Other Images

icon Clover CL9101 Mini Iron II the Adaptor Set, Includes 5 Tips

icon Clover Mini Iron II with Tips

icon Ironing Bias Strips with Optional Clover Bias Binders