About Studio E Fabrics
In the fall of 2010, Jaftex Corp., purchased Fabric Editions, Inc. which sells pre-cuts to the chain stores. Fabric Editions, Inc also had a new brand that they had developed for selling bolts of fabric into the independent market called Studio E Fabrics. This independent brand was moved to the New York office with the other independent line, Henry Glass Fabrics, and Scott Fortunoff was given this company to manage and build entirely on his own.

When Jaftex acquired Blank Quilting Corp, it was a natural conclusion to take the Blank sales force and also give them StudioE Fabrics to sell. This group of sales professionals is largely comprised of talented quilters, sewers, national instructors, authors, bloggers and pattern writers—a team of fabric aficionados that shares your passion for the quilting and sewing industry. We think this is a great asset—for us and for you, our valued customers!