A European Cushion Cover using Westalee Design Feather Leaf Templates, straight lines & the Westalee Design Crosshair Ruler. This pattern will have you playing with feathers, contrasting straight lines and beautifully symmetrical designs. It will also give you the opportunity to really explore the use of different quilting thread colors in your work.

Keep building your skills by moving onto larger projects in manageable steps.

Finished size 26″ x 26″

Skill Builder Series – Beginner Quilting with Rulers By Anita Ellis

Increase your ruler quilting skills, step-by-step! The Skill Builder Series by Anita Ellis has been carefully designed to progress your quilting skills from simple beginnings to intricate masterpieces; presented in manageable increments for your enjoyment. Have fun growing your ruler quilting skills with 4 patterns in this Skill Builder Series (Table Runner and Place Mats; Simple Circles; Feather Play European Cushion; Circles Rule)!