A fun pair of templates lets you create a variety of designs and borders. The templates range in size from a smaller one at 2″ x 3″ to the larger one at 3″x 5″—6″ depending on your start point.

For more fun, the larger size has a combination of pattern elements within the template. A star pattern and two sizes of circles (.25″& .5″) give this template more design options. Use each with multiple rotations from the center point or in rows to create your own designs and patterns.

See Donna McCauley talk about this product at the Houston Virtual Quilt Festival below!

A gripping product similar to Westalee Stable Tape is recommended to avoid slippage when quilting.

Created By Donna McCauley
Introducing the Tree Template Set!

The DM Quilting Templates are ideal for Domestic Machines. They may not be compatible with some long arm machines as the design requires the ability to lift the foot, with the needle down, to pass the template through without breaking thread.