Create easily pieced and quilted table runner with place mats!
Skill Builder Series – Beginner Quilting with Rulers By Anita Ellis

Increase your ruler quilting skills, step-by-step! The Skill Builder Series by Anita Ellis has been carefully designed to progress your quilting skills from simple beginnings to intricate masterpieces; presented in manageable increments for your enjoyment. Have fun growing your ruler quilting skills with 4 patterns in this Skill Builder Series (Table Runner and Place Mats; Simple Circles; Feather Play European Cushion; Circles Rule)!
Westalee Design Templates Used:

Ruler Foot + 12" Arc

Westalee Design Templates Sampler Set

Westalee Design 12-1/2" 8pt Crosshair Ruler

Westalee Design Spacing Gauge

Westalee Design Stitching Line Discs

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