• 12 large spools
  • 100% cotton
  • 50wt
  • Includes colors 5002, 1154, 5015, 1231, 2884, 1148, 2810, 2535, 4020, 2021, 2600, and 1246

    Aurifil Color Chart (click to enlarge)

"I have been using Aurifil thread since early in my quilting days, and once I tried my first spool, I was immediately sold on how silky smooth and strong it is. It leaves hardly any lint in my machine, especially compared to the older hand-me-down threads I had been using before switching entirely to Aurifil. Not only that, the range of available colors has my rainbow-loving heart swooning. Paired with Aurifil’s commitment to seeking the most sustainable options: using 100% cotton thread, putting their most recent thread addition on a wooden spool, going plastic neutral in 2019, and a continuing focus on environmentally sustainable practices, this company’s ideals resonate with me, which is really important.

"I carefully considered each of the colors of thread *I* always use, trying to decide if it would be a universally helpful color to have, and have very intentionally decided upon this spectrum of luscious, vibrant, tertiary-heavy threads. This thread collection embodies my favorite design aesthetic, and as you can see, I put ALL the colors to good use!"—Kitty Wilkin

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