This sleek and innovative design is perfect for desks, countertops, end tables and more. The convenient, soft-touch switch with 3 color settings moves between Daylight, cool light, and warm light to support your clients’ reading ability and everyday tasks.
  • US Warranty 12 months replacement on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
  • Easily control brightness and colour temperature with 2 simple, user-friendly switches
  • Move between Daylight (6,000K), cool light (4,000) and warm light (2,700K) at the turn of the black, tactile switch
  • Whatever the eye condition, the night light can enhance reading ability and everyday tasks
  • Great tool for professionals to carry out vision assessments

    Ideal Uses:
  • Aids eyesight
  • Carry out a range of tasks with a wider visual ability
  • Reading
  • Sewing and crafting
  • Rediscovering a range of hobbies like puzzles, jigsaws, crosswords
  • Ideal for age-related sight conditions
  • Perfect study light for the desk, directs a focused beam on to your page or screen
  • Ideal children’s task lamp for learning, crafting and playing
Other Images

icon Daylight U45200 Tricolor Desk Lamp Light

icon with Brightness and Color Temperature Control

Daylight Company provides "true color" technology, comparable to Ott-Lites, at an affordable price!

Daylight Bulb Compatibility Chart(.PDF)