Iris Emb Thread

Iris Machine Embroidery Thread Kits, Made in Mexico, on Double Snap Spools, 600 Yards each, 40wt

Additional Information:
Who is Hilos Iris? Hilos Iris is an international family business. One of the premiere thread manufacturers in North America, Hilos Iris is known for creating beautiful threads for use by embroidery artists. Hilos Iris threads are of the highest quality, and backed by dependable service. Hilos Iris was established in 1954 in Monterrey Mexico. The company began by manufacturing cotton yarn for embroidery, knitting and crocheting. In the 1970s Hilos Iris added spun polyester yarns for the sewing market. As the company has grown, Hilos Iris has invested in high technology machinery which can be used in the twisting and dying process. This allowed the company to enter the High Speed Machine Embroidery Market. As an entree into the Machine Embroidery market, Hilos Iris offered its rayon viscose thread. In the mid 1990s, the company introduced a high tenacity Trilobal Polyester thread for high speed embroidery machines. Today, Hilos Iris is one of the largest vertical manufacturers of embroidery and embellishment products in North America. The company serves all facets of the craft, commercial and retail markets for sewing, embellishment, and decorative threads of all kinds. To learn more about Hilos Iris: please visit the company at