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Panasonic Steam Irons, Corded and Cordless

Additional Information:
It was cord that makes ironing tricky, difficult, and stressful. Removing the cord, you will find out that ironing is so easy and fun because you can move your iron in any direction as you like.

Good Housekeeping: Our Top Lab Pick, the Panasonic Cordless 360º Freestyle Iron, is one of the most unique irons we've ever seen. With a pointed tip at each end of the soleplate and no cord to get in the way, there’s no place this iron can’t go. Its design means the entire soleplate is usable, not just the tip or center like on most irons. You’ll not only get your ironing done faster, but you’ll never have the flat end scrunching and wrinkling up what you’ve just pressed. Brilliant! De-wrinkling large items, like tablecloths and draperies, is particularly easy and speedy with this iron. The holes around its entire perimeter mean it emits steam from any direction. It has a removable water tank for easy filling at the sink and steam, spray and temperature controls all located on the handle for convenient one-finger reach. If you get called away, no worries. The base automatically shuts off if no movement is sensed after 10 minutes, so there’s no fear of inadvertently leaving it on. We love the deep button groove that runs around the entire soleplate so whenever you come across a button, rivet, or snap you can quickly zip around it. Fabric settings: low, medium, high Weight: 4.4 lbs.