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Our embroidery backing, topping and stabilizer are the best in the industry, all designed with embroidery in mind. Embroidery backing holds fabrics in place and prevents them from slipping, while topping prevents fabrics from peeking through the embroidery. We carry a variety of products, including soft and firm tearaway embroidery backings and water soluble toppings. Silicone is mixed with the cellulose and polyester on most of our cutaways and tearaways to lubricate your needles during the embroidery process.

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CUTAWAY Stabilizers
Cutaway Stabilizer: Provides maximum stability. Must be cut from garments.
Light Weight (2 oz): Ideal for use on medium to heavy knits with low stitch counts.
Medium Weight (2.5 oz): Excellent for medium weight fabrics and medium stitch counts. Great for fleece, pique knits and other stretchy fabrics. Our best seller! Also available in Black.
Heavy Weight (3 oz): Provides maximum stability on heavyweight fabrics such as heavy fleece and jackets. Used for large stitch counts. Also available in Black.
No Show Stabilizer: (1.5 oz) Soft, sheer, stable and translucent nylon reinforced backing. Specifically designed for left chest applications to eliminate the backing from showing through the garment. Ideal for lightweight, light colored fabrics - keeps outlines on track when hooped in with your knit fabric - no more “ring around the embroidery.” Can be used with a medium weight tearaway for added stability. Also available in Black and Beige.
Fusible No Show: (1.5 oz)Translucent mesh, lightweight cutaway stabilizer. Low melt adhesive. Use a low setting on hand iron. Can be used in hoopless embroidery. Ideal for embroidery of nylon, silks or other slippery items.

TEARAWAY Stabilizers
Soft Tearaway: Soft, pliable, holds larger stitch counts than traditional tearaways.
Medium Weight (1.5 oz): Designed for light to medium stitch counts. A good all-purpose tearaway that is ideal for woven materials.
Heavy Weight (1.8 oz): Ideal for high-density stitch counts on stable fabrics.
Firm Tearaway: Firm, crisp and easy to tear away. Tears neatly around edge of stitched area.
Light Weight (1.5 oz): For low-density stitch counts on stable fabrics.
Medium Weight White (1.8 oz): Designed for light to medium stitch densities on stable to semi-stable fabrics. (Also available in Black)
Heavy Weight (3 oz): Ideal for medium to heavy stitch counts on stable to semi-stable fabrics. Also works well as heavy weight cap backing.
Tear and Wash: Tearaway stabilizer that dissolves in the wash. Simply tear excess stabilizer from the finished embroidery. Any remaining residue will dissolve with regular washing. More than one washing may be needed for complete removal. Ideal for towels or linens where the back side of the embroidery is visible.
EZ Tear Flame Retardant: A medium weight perforated tearaway with a soft feel, making it ideal for use on children’s wear. Tears easily and cleanly around embroidery.

SPECIALTY Stabilizers
Water Soluble Topping (.09 oz): Plastic topping used on the top side of fabrics such as terrycloth, velour, loosely knit pique, sweaters, corduroy, fleece and velvet. Improves embroidery quality by preventing stitches from sinking into the pile of the fabric. Tear away the excess topping after the embroidery process. Then use a light mist of water to dissolve remaining topping and brush away the residue.
Peel’N Stick: An adhesive tearaway stabilizer used for “hoopless” embroidery. Ideal for velvet, napped materials, silk, knits, vinyl, leather, and any material that won’t fit in a standard hoop. No need for water-activated adhesive stabilizers or spray adhesives.
Fuse’N Tear: Ideal for knits and other stretchy fabrics. Eliminates annoying shifting, sliding, and puckering of material. Fuse the fabric to the Fuse’N Tear before or after putting in the embroidery hoop. Excess then tears away easily, leaving no sticky residue.
Sew’N Wash: Soft stable fabric designed to dissolve in water. Use as a stabilizer, to embroider on lace or other open weave materials, or for “free standing” embroidery.
Adhesive Sew’N Wash: Soft stable fabric designed to dissolve in water, with an adhesive on one side. Provides additional stabilization when embroidering on lace or free-standing embroidery.
Fuse So Soft: A lightweight tricot with a permanent fusible on one side. Excellent for quilting when a permanent stabilizer is needed or as a backing behind embroidery for a soft feel against the skin.
Fuse’N Stick: One side has a low-melt adhesive activated by a medium setting on a hand iron while the other contains a pressure sensitive adhesive protected by a paper backing. Ideal for applique.
Sew’ N Heat: A clear stabilizer used for fabrics not conductive to moisture such as silk or wool.
Stick’ N Wash: An adhesive tearaway used for “hoopless” embroidery or to provide additional stabilization of items during the embroidery process.
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