Turn your embroidery designs into appliqués or patches with Floriani's Appli-Kay Wonder®. This fusible webbing has a pressure sensitive side for easy positioning. Use to create beautiful traditional appliqué for quilts, home dec and garments.

Trace your shape onto the protective release paper side of Appli-Kay Wonder®. Fuse the soft side of the product to the wrong side of the fabric or item to be appliquéd. Cut out the shape and peel back the release paper, this exposes the sticky side. Position the appliqué as many times as you need and then press in to place for a permanent bond. Finish with a satin or decorative machine stitch.
Your email was forwarded to me so I could help with the question about Twill USA. As far as I can tell, Twill USA only sells materials and machinery for the twill application. Their product comes in colors and textures. It is not a true appliqué material like our Appli-kay Wonder. Our product is sticky on one side and fusible on the other, theirs is either/or. Their product is also very stiff under their twill and not very needle friendly. I have had many embroidery shops approach me at commercial shows asking if our Appli-kay Wonder would work with tackle twill so that they could get rid of the bulk and have a softer finish. This again confirms that our product (Appli-kay Wonder) is softer, more flexible and again fusible/sticky within one product. R & K Consulting
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