Experience the effortless one step method to hoop and align heavyweight fabrics. The secret of this magnetic hoop is in the patented design. And now you can have the Snap Hoop Monster. It's perfect for:
  • Terry cloth
  • Bulky fleece
  • Quilt sandwiches
  • Heavy fabrics
  • Continuous embroidery
  • Allover embroidery

    Designed for Ease
    Snap Hoop Monster comes with a flat magnetic top and metal bottom frame. The bottom frame includes a machine attachment that is recognized by the embroidery machine. Simply lay the stabilizer and fabric over the bottom frame and snap the top frame in place. Voila! Even the heaviest of fabric is secured.

    Be Creative with Small & Large Projects
    Multiple hoopings are a breeze with the Snap Hoop Monster. Just lift the magnetic top frame, slide your fabric and snap the top frame back in place, no need to remove the bottom frame – you can hoop right under the needle! Easily achieve flawless continuous embroidery when stitching quilts, towels and more. Stitch all the way to the edge of fabric by securing just two or more sides in the hoop. Snap Hoop Monster is available in multiple hoop sizes for most machine brands!

    Click here to learn how to apply rulers in your Snap Hoop Monster

    Watch as Eileen takes on this giant quilt with the ease of the Weightless Quilter and help from the Snap Hoop Monster in ONE day!

    *Our top frames come with a 2 year warranty.

    Bottom frames and attachments come with a 1 year warranty.

    If a product is received damaged, incomplete, or defective (any fault on the manufacturer) we will not only replace the component/item but we will also be responsible for any shipping charges. If the customer selects the wrong item, isn’t satisfied with the product, or would like to switch to another size hoop (no fault on the manufacturer) then the customer will be eligible for a return. However, the customer will be responsible for any shipping charges.
  • US Warranty 30 days replacement if defective.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
Snap Hoop Monster Tutorial
Happy National Embroidery Month! For her monthly Stitch Along, Eileen Roche teaches the ins and outs of using her Snap Hoop Monster magnetic hoop for machine embroidery.
Included Accessories
Monster Snap Hoop Includes:
One metal base frame with machine attachment
One magnetic top frame
One magnetic safety shield
Four 14" adhesive centering rulers
Target Stickers
Other Images

icon DIME Snap Hoop Monster SH00A11M Magnetic Frames 10.5in X 16in Continuous Embroidery with XP1 on cork fabric and built in design.

Carol C, Sumter, SC
I have ordered from you for years and have been pleased with the service I received or I would not continue.

Sun May 21st 7:59 pm - Everything was good. Order was delayed a over week from AllBrands estimated delivery date. It was shipped Fedex to my PO BOX that is my billing address. NOT as I had asked Ship to my Home Address. But I have my items all is well. Do plan visit AllBrands Houston store SOON!!