Embroidery Hoop Set (5in1)
PRH60/ EPF60 60x40mm, 2.4" x 1.6"
PRH100/ EPF100 100x100mm, 4" x 4"
PRH180/ EPF180 180x130mm, 7" x 5"
PRH300/EPF300 200x300mm 8" x 12"
PRF300/ BMP-FF 200x300mm, 8" x 12"

NOTE: When using hoops on your Brother machine that are non-Brother hoops you may have to do a trial layout. Make sure the needle or foot will not hit the frame when it is sewing.
  • Brother PR600/600II/600C
  • Brother PR620/PR620II
  • Brother PR650/PR650E
  • Brother PR655
  • Brother PR1000/PR1000E
  • Babylock EMP6
  • Babylock BMP6/BMP8/BMP9
  • Babylock BND9
  • Babylock ENT10
  • Babylock BNT10/BNT10L
Other Images

icon Same as Brother PRH60mm 2.3x1.6" Hoop

icon Same as Brother PRH100mm 4x4" Hoop

icon Same as Brother PRH180mm 5x7" Hoop

icon Same as Brother PRF300mm 8x12" Hoop

icon Same as Brother PRH300mm 8x12" Hoop XC5954051

Sew Tech is a factory established in 1995, mainly manufacturing and selling the embroidery hoops for all brands of home embroidery sewing machines and commercial embroidery sewing machines.

All the embroidery hoops were developed to fit the embroidery machine of Brother, Singer, Baby Lock and other brands. Concentrated only on embroidery hoops, our hoops are competitive priced with super quality. Buying our hoops, you will enjoy the exactly same service as the original ones.

With state of the art facility, Sew Tech can supply you custom making service as well. You can have the hoops of your own favorable color, pack them in your own designed package, We accept orders from even one piece.

No matter you are embroidering for fun or profit, you will enjoy the art of embroidery more with our products. All of our hoops are proudly Made In China.