Helps hold hoop still while hooping fabric and stabilizer! The Hoop Mat is not a pressing or cutting surface

Silicone mat with printed grid provides a non-skid hooping surface. Easily find the centerpoint of any size or brand of hoop. The printed grid allows you to instantly measure by simply placing the hoop down on the mat.

How to use:
  • Place the Hoop Mat on a flat work surface
  • Center the outer ring (standard hoop) or bottom metal frame (Snap Hoop Monster) on the mat's grid
  • Place stabilizer/fabric over the hoop
  • Insert inner ring (standard hoop) or place magnetic top frame (Snap Hoop Monster) on the fabric/stabilizer
Hoop Mat features:
  • 100% silicone
  • 22" x 16" printed grid
  • Hoop Mat measures 23" x 17" overall

    *The Hoop Mat is not a pressing or cutting surface

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icon Dime Hoop Mat

icon Helps hold hoop in place!

icon Dime Silicone Hoop Mat

icon DIME Designs in Machine Embroidery Hooping Mat 23x17in Silicone Grid 23x17in

Linda B, Wheeling WV
I took too long to get my mat and I had to call about it. I finally received it yesterday. I watch Becky Thompson and she used it. I know she advertisers for your shop and that is why I bought it from Allbrands.

Anne H, Oshkosh WI
I was very happy that you had this item in stock. I was unable to find it anywhere else that did not have them on back order!

Catherine B, Palm Harbor Fl
Always great products and services

Laurie G, Adams MA
Great place to shop. Great prices Glad I found this store