The 16" x 16" neutral gray pressing surface is lightweight and portable, but with an area of perfect size for laying out blocks.
Like having a third hand when pressing any item, the Steady Betty is a precision built surface.
Holds fabric down with little to no movement for a perfect press, making the tedious task of pressing much easier.
Great for uniform, straight seams and holding bias strips.

Make pressing so much easier!
Your fabric and quilt blocks stay where you want them to stay!
No stretching or distortion of your fabric.
Pressing surface stays cooler than most pressing surfaces, but allows the heat on the fabric to be as hot as needed.
Allows you to play with your projects without burning your fingers when touching the pressing surface.
Doubles as a design board.
Can be pinned into=design board!

Kathy from The Steady Betty domonstrates her wonderful products at fall quilt market in Houston Texas

We're showing off some great features and benefits of "The Steady Betty!" This is a unique; high quality pressing surface that holds fabric down with little to no movement for a perfect pressed block every time.

Made in the USA

Pressing surface may change color with time.

Steam is not recommended.

Size: 16 in x 16 in