Sienna Steam Ironing Board Presses: 22x9" or 25x10" or 34x12", 1350 Watts, Variable Fabric Temperature, Non Stick Heat Shoe Plate, Power Light On Off, Auto Shut Off, Free DVD Video

Additional Information:
Sienna Elite Steam Presses
Note: Home Ironing Board Presses have 100 pounds pressure between upper iron plate and lower ironing board. Pressure is less at ends of the boards, depending on press width, fabrics and garments. Clamping mechanisms are in the middle of the press and lose some pressure at the ends You can equalize the pressure using press cloths at one or both ends. We have few complaints in 38 years. It is not a problem on shorter boards like Elna. Miele and Singer rotary presses are best for equal pressure., Owner and Tech.