Main Bed (In image) is NOT included, Made for Silver Reed currently manufactured SK840 or SK280 standard 4.5mm gauge knitting machine models. Also for older model SK210, SK700, SK740, SK500, SK580 whether Singer, Silver Reed, Studio or Knitmaster, Empisal brands, also made by Silver Reed.
  • Converts your 200 needle machine into a 400 needle double bed machine.
  • Will add a whole new dimension to your knitting that can produce an incredible variety of rib stitches, including Pile Knitting, Double Face (float free lining), Plating Rib, 1x1 rib, 2x2, big ribs, cable ribs, tubular/circular (seamless stockings or pillows), Shaker Stitch, English Rib, Tuck Rib, and more.

    This ribber creates the purl stitches in knitting. The main bed knits, while the ribber purls.

    When the two beds are combined, you can also make tubes. Knitting in the round, first the main bed knits, then the ribber, then again the main bed, round and round. This can be used for making socks, stocking caps without seams, pillows without seams, tube tops, skirts, and other items knit in the round.

    The ribber also knits purl stitches for defining cables, making ribs, and other knit purl designs.

    Standard gauge ribber suitable for Silver Reed & Knitmaster standard gauge knitting machines.

    A ribber to your machine for a real professional finish. Knit the full range of needle arrangements - 1 x 1, 2 x 1, 2 x 2, 3 x 3, etc., with the proper cast-on edge featured on most expensive knitwear.

    But that's only the beginning of the ribber story. Increase your stitch pattern potential by choosing from full or half fisherman's rib, herringbone swing, drive lace, pin tuck, tuck rib and slip rib to knit fashionable surface texture. Add extra colors and knit those floats in with double Jacquard.

    This ribbing attachment will add a whole new dimension to your knitting. It will convert your machine into a 400 needle double bed knitter that can perform a variety of rib stitches, including Double Face and Plating Rib.

    The same ribbers fit both punchcard and electronic machines, so if you are upgrading to an electronic machine you don't need to add a new ribber.

    When attached to the main bed, the ribbing attachment will add another dimension to your knitting as it can perform a variety of rib stitches; multi-color rib, english rib, tuck rib, tubular knitting, drive lace and much more.
  • US Warranty 90 Days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
The ribber is the first accessory to compliment the Silver Reed SK280 punch card and SK840 Electronic main beds. Quickly cast on, and knit ribbing in a number of combinations, not just 1x1 rib, but also 2x1, 2x2 or more. Other techniques are multi color rib, English rib and many other textured double bed stitches.

This Video is for Installing SRP60 Ribber on Compatible 4.5mm Standard Gauge Knitting Machines

Click HERE for Silver Reed and Brother ribber adjustments to knitting machine pdf

Click HERE for Silver Reed SRP Ribber Adjustments

Download the only online manual pdf we can find online for Silver Reed SRP60 Ribber courtesy of

The SRP60N fits the following older model knitting machines:
  • SK580 electronic knitting machine
  • SK700 punch card knitting machine
  • SK740 punch card knitting machine
  • SK280 punch card knitting machine
  • SK840 electronic knitting machine

    This Video is for Installing SR860 Ribber on SK860 Ribber, both no longer available