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Bertina Studio

Bertina Studio Downloadable Designs and Patterns by Bernadette Griffith and Tina Burdette

Additional Information:
Make Every Day a Create One with Bertina Studio! Bertina Studio opened it's doors with one goal in mind - to help make every day a creative one. To many the Bertina Studio brand means unique embellishment techniques and fun, informative workbooks or hands-on workshops. That part remains the same - but there are some new additions that we are very excited about.

Bernadette "Bernie" Griffith is an internationally recognized educator. In 2011 she received the highest honor an educator can be given in the home sewing industry, the Master Certified Sewing Educator Award at the 2011 SDTA/VDTA Annual Convention.
In her time in the home sewing industry, she has authored countless workbooks, been published in several industry magazines, appeared on Quilt Central TV, HSN (Home Shopping Network) and taught at hands-on workshops worldwide.
Bernie is a creative force and (we say this lovingly), our resident bundle of non-stop energy.

Tina Burdette: From the time Tina was very young, she had a passion for vintage things. This passion was encouraged by her grandmother and her antique furnished house. Each antique had a wonderful story attached to it and Tina soon grew to love the connection between the past and present, as much as she loved her grandmother's stories.
Those connections and stories helped ignite Tina's passion for color and textures. Her creative way of blending vintage and modern mediums together is amazing and the reason that her designs have been featured at local fairs and at high-end local boutiques for years.
Tina is our ultimate "accessory girl" with a true artistry for creating home decor and accessory items that just fit perfectly into any situation.

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