Replacement leg sets for Sew Steady Tables Only.
Large or Junior Table Sets includes (4) legs and (1) suction cup leg.

Junior includes (4) legs and (1) suction cup leg.

Large tables include 4 legs and 1 suction cup leg.

Big tables include 6 legs and 1 suction cup leg.

Giant include 6 legs and 1 suction cup leg..

*NOTE: our replacement legs do NOT include the button and screw to attach the leg to the Table. Sew Steady Table legs are NOT designed to be unscrewed from the top of the Table.
How do I remove the legs from my Sew Steady Table?
The screw on the table should not be removed. To take the legs off simply pop the tube off of the button that they were attached to when first assembling. If they feel slightly tight pull a little to the side, but they should pop off.
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