Durkee Embroidery

Durkee Split Design Multi Position & Sturdi Frames for PRS100 Alliance and Brother Babylock 6 Needle Machines

Additional Information:
Are you ready for a Game Changer? Bigger IS Better...and bigger sewing fields are now available! Introducing the Durkee 8" x 14" Split Design SturdiFrame for the Baby Lock Alliance and Brother Persona PRS100 Machines and our 12" x 14" Split Design These hoops were specifically designed to enlarge the sewing field for Baby Lock and Brother free arm single needle and six (6) needle machines. The 8” x 14” is for the Baby Lock Alliance and Brother Persona PRS100. The 12” x 14” is for the Baby Lock and Brother six (6) needle machines. Please take a few moments to review the attachment and watch the video demonstration. SturdiFrame for Baby Lock and Brother six (6) needle machines! Most all embroidery software we know of allows the embroiderer to create a “split design”. That technique divides the design into two (2) parts - an “A” part and a “B” part. Insert the split design frame into the “A” arms of your machine and stitch part “A”. When the machine finishes part “A”, remove and rotate the frame 180 degrees. Insert the frame back into the “A” arms of the machine and stitch the “B” part to complete your design. Learn More about the full line of Sturdi Frames When your project can be stitched "flat" (and you don’t like to hoop) SturdiFrames will be your new embroidery "go-to" frame. These frames are constructed from 3/16" anodized aluminum - lightweight, yet heavy duty construction with stainless steel attachment brackets. These frames are designed to be used in conjunction with self- adhesive (sticky) tear-away backing. Towels, blankets, shower curtains, backs of jackets, and numerous other items stitch great with SturdiFrames - the "hoopless hoops".