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Virtual Showcase Daylight Lamps & Magnifiers, Pricing will be disclosed on Tuesday June 21st at 3:30 CDT COMING SOON

Additional Information:

****SALE EXTENDED until Tuesday 7/28/2020 at 4:00 PM CDT***

****CONGRATS Cassie Staggs for Winning the Slimine 3 Giveaway!****

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About Daylight:
Light is a natural resource that is mostly taken for granted. We know, however, that the right light in the right place can have a dramatic, positive effect on your life and work. We also know that natural daylight can help improve work performance and efficiency. Since the 1980’s, we have made it our mission to design the best lamps we can, to make a significant improvement to people’s lives.

We create specific task lighting solutions
Our lamps are functional and specially designed for the task in hand and have been continuously improved over the years. All our lamps remain true to three guiding principles:

1. Light Quality: Natural daylight combined with the right brightness and spread of light

2. Ergonomics: Positioning the lamp exactly where the light is needed

3. Design: We create contemporary lamps that look and work perfectly in your home or professional environment