This is a gauge that is used to measure thread tension for sewing machines. Simply wrap the thread around the spindle and pull. The gauge will give you a very accurate reading of the pressure being exerted on the thread. No bouncing like a spring gauge.
Product name: Dial Tension Gauge
Model: DTN-100G
Brand: Teclock
Measuring range: 10gf-100gf
Graduation: 5gf
Accuracy: ±1/2 Graduation
Weight: 56g

Teclock Precision Measuring Instrument

Teclock DTN100G Tension Gauge - Only Videos Online

Common Singer Bobbin Cases & Bobbin Case Tension: Sunday Morning Quickies September 19, 2021 by Bob Fowler
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icon 89127: DTN-100G Professional Top and Bobbin Case Thread Tension Gauge