Turn your portable sewing machine into a sit down free motion sewing machine with this easy to use Sew Steady Free Motion Table, This 24” Deep x32” Wide Table offers an excellent surface for all free motion work. This table comes with 8 removable legs. Includes 2 x 16” cling rulers ideal for free motion quilting.


8 standard legs, 2 cling rulers
1. Adjust leg height to be 1/4” shorter than machine free arm.
Hint: stand leg up to free arm, adjust accordingly
(for proper fit the Table will be level with the free arm of machine
at the needle).
2. Install legs by placing Table upside down on a firm surface.
Protect Table top with a soft towel. Push legs all the way onto
black buttons attached to Table. Turn Table upright.
3. Remove any accessory trays surrounding free arm. Slide Table
into place (if legs not attached or not at right height, Table may
not slide into place correctly).
4. Install support/suction leg (when supplied) by attaching the
suction cup into the top of the leg, adjust height and place
where desired.
Remove legs by placing Table upside down on a firm,
protected surface and gently wiggle legs back and forth.
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Fit Issue
Possible Cause
Not fitting around free arm
Accessory tray still
- OR -
Legs not attached or at correct height
Remove accessory tray
- OR -
Attach legs/adjust height (see table
Table still not fitting correctly

Note: if Table is not fitting properly,
please call for assistance or
return authorization: 800-837-3261

*Sew Steady Free Motion Table 32x24" for Home Sewing Machines. The longer your machine arm, the closer to the end of the table the needle will be. If your machine arm is too short, you may need to stand up to reach the needle comfortably with your arms and hands. We recommend a smaller table if the needle is over 10" from the end of of the table.

Note: This table was designed for machines with free arms longer than 13” overall length (not needle to neck) If you free arm is shorter than that this size of table may not be ideal as the needle will be more than 10” from the front of the table.
CLEANING: Use only 100% cotton towel to clean surface of acrylic. Use a very small amount of sudsy ammonia diluted with water to clean. Other tested and proven cleaning agents are Sew Steady Polish Kit, Turtle Wax Paste and Goo Gone Gel. Similar untested products may work, but use at your own risk.
CAUTION: Do not place anything hot on acrylic. Never have sewing machine arm lower than cabinet insert. Do not stand on, lean on, or apply unnecessary pressure, outside of standard sewing use, to acrylic.
WARNING: Do not use harsh solvents such as Windex, rubbing alcohol, paint thinner, lacquer thinner, acetone, turpentine, or any petroleum based substances as they can cause acrylic to weaken and crack. If harsh solvents are used on acrylic the warranty is void.
RETURNS: Contact the original place of purchase for return policy. Product must be unused, with all components and original
packaging for any return. Damaged items must be reported and have picture proof submitted within 15 business days of delivery date for no charge replacements.
Dream World Northwest warrants this product, to the original
purchaser, for 1 year from purchase date to be free of defects in material and workmanship. This does not include cracks, scratches or dents due to dropping, bumping, banging, stepping on, or
normal use. If harsh, non-approved cleaning agents are used on acrylic, warranty is void. Removing or over tightening screws and nuts from table top voids warranty. Marking on product with
permanent markers may void warranty. Defective product may be sent (freight prepaid) to Service Department, Dream World Northwest, 745 Powers St. Eugene OR 97402 for evaluation of free replacement or repair at our option. Remedy does not include: cost of inconvenience, damage due to product failure, transportation damages, misuse, abuse, accidental or the like, or commercial use. In no event shall Dream World Northwest be liable for incidental or consequential damages. Some states do not allow limitation on how long an implied warranty lasts, or allow the exclusion or
limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so above
limitations or exclusions may not apply to you.
Phone: 800-837-3261
Email: info@sewsteady.com
Other Images

icon Have you ever thought about facing your machine for free motion quilting? This table allows me to do just that on the TL2010 making it an even more perfect quilter.

icon Convert your portable sewing machine into a sit down free motion sewing machine. This 24″ deep by 32″ wide Table offers an excellent surface for all free motion work. Comes with 8 removable legs, 2 16″ cling rulers, and a silicone based Polish Kit which turns your Table into a slick surface ideal for free motion quilting.

icon Sew Steady SSTJ103GFM Sit Down Free Motion Quilting Extension Table 32x24" for Juki TL2010Q TL2200QVP Mini, TL18QVP

icon *Note: This table was designed for large machines with free arms longer than 13”. If your free arm is shorter than this, this size of table may not be ideal as the needle will be more than 10” from the front of the table.

The shortness of the cord when using the FMQ table is a known issue.
I have tried to source a cord but as yet, the only one available is from Grace.
I recommend a 90/14 top stitch needle for freemontion on the TL machines.
I also recommend a TOWA gauge(400tm4) for setting the bobbin tension and a second bobbin case for freemotion.(1 to adjust tensions and 1 to left for sewing tension)
I have found that original bobbins work the best with the TOWA gauge, therefore I stay away from pre wounds. (Other folks have good luck with them).
Oiling (this is just me): I put a drop on the hook with every bobbin. The ports on the top of the machine, I oil 2-3 times a year. Juki Rep
Laurie M, Louisburg NC
Just set up my insert for sewing machine cabinet for my Bernina - it fits perfectly - Thank you! Love it! Have not opened the free motion extension table yet