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Made in USA, Includes Acrylic Surround Freearm Platform and Adjustable Height Legs, Custom Fit Portable Freearm Extension for Flatbed Workspace Use, Order for your model Sewing, Embroidery, Quilting, Serger, and BlindStitch Portable Machines. Steady has the dimensional data on all brands and models of sewing machine free arms for custom cutouts on extension tables and cabinet inserts on their CNC laser cutting machines. If you need a non standard table or insert (no existing data available on machine or cabinet) please contact Sew Steady direct at SewSteady.com for a quote.

We do not keep stock on hand for any of our Tables or Inserts as they are all made to order.
The Table should be received in no more than 3 weeks from the day we receive the order. Sew Steady

"It is much better than the extension table that came with the sewing machine." Jimmy L, LA, CA.
"One of the best inventions since the automobile!" Cheryl H, McKenney VA

"Wow!! I absolutely love my new extension table! And if it weren't for me looking for a part i needed i would have never known it existed !! I stumbled on your site and so glad i did!! So Thank you so very much you guys, it fits like a glove!!! "

Please Note:*From 12" Wide to 32" Deep* covers all six available dimensions at increased prices. Does not mean that any dimensions between 12" Wide to 32" Deep is available. Please pick from the 6 sizes available at increasing prices. Accessories shown in picture (Spinner Tray and Sew Straight Guide) are optional and sold separately.

  • Acrylic Platform
  • Adjustable Height Legs
  • Custom Fit Portable Freearm Flatbed, for Sewing, Embroidery, Quilting, Serger and BlindStitch Portable Machines.
  • 1 year warranty.

    Note: Custom Made to Fit Around the Freearm or Flatbed Surface of Your Brand and Model Sewing, Embroidery and Serger Machines. If your sewing machine drop in bobbin (top load) cover (applies to metal covers not to plastic covers) does not come straight up and off the needle plate (if it slides toward the operator) or if your bobbin case is underneath the top of the arm (front load), you will need to remove the extension table to replace a bobbin.

    Sew Steady Tables are Custom Made to Fit your Model Like a Glove! Do you really need or have the extra space for a full sized cabinet with drawers? Or just more working surface around your machine?

    The Sew Steady Portable Table extends the sewing surface area of your table top sewing machine. It supports fabric for even stitch quality. Tight fitting NO GAP design since tables are specific to machine model. It has easily adjustable snap-on-off legs for easy storage and travel.

    A flat sewing surface provides you with the most control when sewing. If you don't have your machine mounted in a cabinet, using a Sew Steady Portable Table is the next best thing. Take it to class so you have a flat surface there, too. Adjustable legs can be removed for transport and storage. Each table is custom cut from 1/4" Plexiglas to fit your particular machine.

  • Extension Table For Sewing, Embroidery Or Quilting
  • Available In Five Sizes!
  • Junior, Serger, Large & Big Tables include a permanent inches and metric ruler printed on the underside of the table. Giant tables come with 2 cling rulers which adhere to the underside.
  • Large, Big and Giant sizes also include a movable extra support leg
  • Large table works with tiltables
  • Rounded front edge for comfort
  • Use it as a light box and easy underneath storage
  • High Quality Acrylic Construction
  • Specify To Fit Around Freearm Or Embroidery Unit
  • The Sew Steady table is built-to-order to fit your specific machine. Please allow 2-5 weeks before shipping and expect a delivery time of 5-7 days. It is well worth the wait!

    Demonstration video, showing table leg installation process:

    Acrylic Table for Top Loading Bobbin Sewing Machine

  • US Warranty 1 year limited warranty on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
"Custom charges are only added to items that require customization. So if a non-standard placement or an irregular size is requested, it would have a custom fee applied." Sew Steady Tables and Inserts.

  • Junior: 11.5" x 15" -- Sewing only. This Size is Not available for Singer 221 Featherweight, please choose 18x18 or above
  • Small: 18" x 18" -- Sergers only
  • Large: 18" x 24" -- Serger, Freearm or Embroidery
  • Big: 24" x 24" -- Serger, Freearm or Embroidery
  • Giant: 24" x 32" -- Serger, Freearm or Embroidery
  • Freearm cutout fits around the freearm of your model machine for sewing and quilting.
  • Can order a table without a cutout—specify "blank/no machine cutout" in the make/model section of this page.
  • Embroidery cutout fits around your model embroidery unit for embroidery.
  • The legs on all our Sew Steady Tables are inset from the perimeter by no less than 1”.

    All of our tables are designed based on having the accessory tray removed from the machine. We position the machine to have the needle around 5”-7” from the front edge of the table. The table encompasses the entire freearm/flatbed sewing surface (does not wrap to the far-right of the machine). If your machine free arm slopes downward and has contours we may choose to design the table to hover over the slope to ensure a perfectly level, smooth sewing surface. If you have a top loading bobbin and a sloped machine this may affect your use. Please contact us in advance at SewSteady.com for other options. If you are purchasing a Deluxe Table then the holes do not need to be in line with the needle to make circles.

    Please indicate the Dimensions of the Sew Steady extension table in inches:

    Left to Right :________ Front to Back:_________

    Make of Machine: ______________ Model of Machine: _______________

    The standard position of the table placement front to back is to have the needle sit about 5-7” from the front of the table. Will this work for you? ___________

    (If no, please indicate in measurements of 1/16”-increments how far from the front of the table you wish to have the front of your skinny free-arm on your machine sit)

    The standard position of the table from right to left is to have the table wrap around the free arm of the machine only. Our goal is to give the sewer the most sewing space from the free arm to the left of the needle. Will this work for you? _____________

    (If no, please indicate in 1/16”-increments how much Table you’d like to the left of the left/tip of your free arm to the left edge of the table)
    The standard position of the table is to have the sewer positioned in front of the machine, with the needle at the left, the handwheel at the right. Will this work for you? ______________
    (If no, do you plan to sew using Free Motion Technique, which would prefer you to sew at the tip of the machine, changing the placement of the cutout to be on the wider end?)
    Our tables typically only wrap around the free arm of a machine, they do not typically wrap the full length to the right. Do you need your table to wrap as far to the right side of the machine as possible? __________
    The table is designed to never be resting on or touching the machine. You may have to adjust the levelers on the feet to make sure the table is perfectly level with the top of the free arm in order to sit as designed. The table is designed to fit around the free arm with the accessory tray always being removed. We do make some tables that work for Embroidery and Sergers. Please let us know if you are interested in these options. We are happy to accommodate other special requests as well with proper measurements and pictures if needed. Our goal is to get you the right table the first time. If you decide you do not like the placement requested the first time, there is a $50 fee for a 2nd revision
Other Images

icon No matter what their sewing room setup looks like, Sew Steady tables are the perfect addition to any machine purchase.

icon Junior size - 11.5" x 15" (Sewing Only)

icon Small size - 18" x 18" (Serger Only)

icon Large size - 18" x 24"

icon Big size - 24" x 24"

icon Giant size - 24" x 32"

icon Embroidery cutout

Sew Steady has 5 Extension Table Options Available:

1) Basic Extension Table Available in 6 Sizes

2) Deluxe Table Available in Large
Drawer Tray
Cling Centering Ruler
Circles Sewing Kit

3) Wish Table Package Available in 1 Size
Beveled Edges
Universal Grid
Table Lock
Large Drawer Tray

4) Ultimate Table Package Available in Large or Big
Universal Sew Straight Guide
Spinner Tray
Travel Bag
Polish Kit
Universal Grid
Table Lock

5) Deluxe-Ultimate Table Package Available in Large or Big
Includes (Both the Ultimate and Deluxe items combined except the Spinner Tray)
Drawer Tray
Cling Centering Ruler
Circles Sewing Kit
Universal Sew Straight Guide
Travel Bag
Polish Kit
Universal Grid
Table Lock

Which Sew Steady Acrylic Sewing Table is Right for Me?
Sew Steady has a helpful video below.

When will I see the charge on my credit card?
The credit card is charged the day your product ships. Transit time is 3 - 5 business days.

What are your shipping costs?
You can view an estimate of shipping costs by viewing your cart. Final shipping costs will be displayed on the Invoice.

How should I fit my new table to my machine?
Adjust the height of the table legs so that the top of the table is level with the top of the freearm.

What should I use to clean my table?
We recommend using Turtle Wax Paste ONLY. We have not tested other products. Use a soft micro fiber towel or soft cloth that does not have any fabric softener or anything that will leave residue and buff until the table is smooth. This works real well and will get the table nice and polished allowing the fabric to slide easily.

How come my table does not fit my machine?
Our tables / inserts are designed to give you a flat sewing surface.

When first putting our table on your machine, you start with the front left of the freearm. The table should be perfectly level with your freearm where your fabric is going to go from our table onto your freearm right where your needle is at. If this is not level, even 1/16 inch off, it will not fit the machine correctly.

Secondly, your machine may not be level. If you look closely you may see the machine is higher in the back than in the front. Our table can only be level in one place, so if the machine is not level, our table will fit differently on one side than the other. Our table is designed to fit over and around your machine in the back, once adjusted level in the front.

Unfortunately, when the machine is not level, we make the design that works the best while still allowing the fabric to move freely and evenly from the front to the back without sewing uphill or falling off the back and pulling on your needle.

What is the best Bendable Bright Light placement location on my machine?
To choose the best placement on your sewing machine, please look at your machine carefully. Generally speaking, the best place to mount the light is on the LEFT end of the machine.

There are MANY THINGS to consider: the presser foot lifter, thread cutters, tension dials, thread guides and the thread take-up lever. Other things to consider may be the handle, any doors or covers that may open and close, the spool to needle thread path and any curves and angles etc. Some of these things may not apply to your brand of sewing machine.

Clean the mounting surface with soap and water. Let them dry thoroughly. Insert the light base into the mounting bracket before attaching it to the machine. Place the light bracket, release tab, at approximately a twelve and two o'clock position. If the machine is curved, get the MAJORITY of the adhesive attached. Being careful not to BEND or break the bracket. Peel the protective backing, from the adhesive and press firmly.

For best placement of the cord clips, run the cord along the BACK of the machine, above the presser foot lifter, keeping clear of the thread path, belts and motors etc

What is the best way to place my legs on my table?
When installing legs place a soft cotton towel on a firm surface. Lay table upside down upon it. Push the legs all of the way on.

Can I remove the legs from my table?
Yes, to remove the legs, just wiggle (do not twist) them back and forth gently pull them up and off. You must support the plexiglass. Never use a screw driver to remove the legs!

Can I order a table without a cutout?
Yes! Order whichever table size you'd like, and then in the make/model section of the page just list "BLANK/NO MACHINE CUTOUT" and that's it!
Kara W, MO
I am very impressed with the quality of your products and perhaps even more so with your customer service follow through. Thank-you very much. The extension table I purchased fits perfectly! I am a quilter so perfection is key for me as well. The only reason I did not give this product the highest mark is because it came with an approximately 3-4 inch scuff mark on the underside of the table that will not polish out. It is on the backside of the table so I won’t see it everyday

Brigitte L, Plantation, FL
Fri May 12th 5:05 pm - I have never been disappointed with anything purchased from Allbrands!

Brigitte L, Plantation, FL
Fri May 12th 5:05 pm - I have never been disappointed with anything purchased from Allbrands!

Jennifer C, olive branch, MS
Absolutely! Wonderful experience and love the sew steady table. Came very well packaged and even was a few weeks early so it was a very nice surprise. Now to find a case for it so when I am not sewing it will not get damaged. Thank you for a wonderful experience.. I will definitely be returning.

Pamela R, Jacksonville, OR
This was my third sew steady table purchased, for a third different machine. Product hold up well. Quality continues to be excellent and delivery time exceeded my expectations. Very pleased.

Roslyn F, Covington IN
I was very very pleased with the sew all table. I thought it was well-built and I was extremely pleased to see a suction cup with an extra leg if needed. it was so well packaged I had to try to figure out how to get the table out. I'm very very pleased with the overall transaction.

Michell H, Shingleton CA
I set it up as soon as I got it. I love it, it makes it so much easier for me to sew a straight line and offers so much more room without the drag of the fabric. I'll have to order another one for my new machine when I get it. Do you do discounts if you already purchased one?

Nancy H, Santa Cruz CA
Thank you. My Sew Steady extension able works excellently.

Cynthia S, Belmont VT
Well worth the wait! I plan to order another smaller one soon.

Lilli W, Irving TX
I received my Extension Table before the shipment due date. (: I'm truly enjoying the table as I now have more room to work on the larger projects. It's made very well and easy to assemble!!!! All Brands customer service is excellent and my questions were answered when I reached out to them. I highly recommend All Brands!

Rebecca C, Bone Gap IL
Just what I needed for being able to handle larger items to work on

Debra M, Soquel CA
I made a mistake when I placed my order, so I emailed them and they responded quickly and corrected my order, for me.

Charles P, Pocomoke MD
Awesome perfect fit.

Betty W, Pocahontas IA
I love the extension table, makes sewing alot easier and was very easy to put together.

Elaine M, Hampton IL
Flawless transaction! Perfect fit Sew Steady table for my model sewing machine. Communication is updated frequently so I always knew the status of the order. The price was well within budget. Will happily shop with AllBrands again! Thanks!!

Blanche P, Jeannette PA
I am going on a retreat, and since I didn’t leave much shipping time before I go, I was not sure I would have the table before I leave. It got here a week before I need to leave, and it is exactly what I wanted. The quality is very good. Thank you!

Joanne K, Pahrump NV
It arrived early, and fits perfect. Very happy!

Cynthia B, Ocean Shores WA
Look forward to doing more business with Allbrands in the future. Thank you For the great service!

Carol W, Burlington WI
2nd table I purchased , this time for a new machine that I got for Christmas. Love these extension tables.

Nancy Z, Rogers City MI
I ordered a custom made extension table and expected it to take up to 5 weeks to make. I received my shipping notice in only two weeks, and cant wait to get it!

Sandra W, Moncks Corner SC
Order came quicker than expected. Everything was perfect. Love my new extension table

Naida W, Chesapeake VA
I just used it today with my sewing group. I loved it! I liked that you shipped it the bag I purchased to carry it in. I am very happy with both the sewing table and the carting bag.

Joan O, Cary NC
Great product. Fit perfectly. Very pleased!

Sheri H, Kokomo IN
I'm very happy with all 3 of the sewing machine tables I purchased. The quality is great and they fit perfect.

Mary B, Leawood KS
I love the Sew Steady extension table!

Marilyn H, Navarre FL
Whenever I need an item that is custom made or brand specific I go to Allbrands, They always have the item I need at a price that is reasonable. Many items are priced below what I expected to pay which also keeps me coming back. Thank you to your staff. I love Allbrands,

Debra S , Shallotte NC
Thanks so much for the product. It fits perfect! Have a blessed day, Debbie

Jacquelyne T, Tower lakes, IL
The table arrived very quickly and fit my machine to a “t”

Desise V, Dallas OR
Product was received much quicker than expected and it arrived in time for my class. I was very happy. Thank You.

Susan P, Stuart FL
I just received my second sew steady extension table for another machine I purchased. It fits great. I bought an older Bernina and it needed an extension table and you came through! I’m very satisfied with my purchase

Gerald P, Derrick City PA
Great Company, best service and price on sewing related items, have ordered 2 Sew Steady Tables they are perfect. Thank you

Julie L, Artesia CA
Website very easy to use. Good quality product. I will use your website again. Thank you

Chedrick D, Buena Vista, GA
A very thorough good company. when my order was lost I contacted them and they stayed in communication with me from beginning to end to see that I received my product. I never experience this quality of service from a company before because most company will say they will get back with you in a couple of days, not this company they were just awesome in the way they dealt with my matter. Thanks AllBrands and keep up the awesome works you do.

Mariece W, Charlotte NC
Yes, the product is superb!!! I am very happy with the product and the services, The packaging is very professional. Thank you, Marlece White Design Creative Lees' Fashions & Interiors

Susan M, Fredonia, NY
Very happy with my purchase

Kathy D, Woodland CA
I just now got a chance to open the box and was so surprised and excited that AllBrands included a carrying case for the Sew Steady Table. That was a really awesome surprise and I want to thank you so much! Kathy

Jeanne R, Buffalo MO
When I first received this feedback I had not received my order so I didn't feel that I could rate your service. When I did receive my table and it was damaged in shipping. I contacted the number (800-837-3261) on the packing or shipping list and was told that they would send in claim. I waited and the replacement did not come, I then contacted Allbrands and talk with a very nice gentlemen and got it straightened out. I sent him the pictures of the damage. I want to thank you for the replace table and would recommend your company to any one and the service was 1st quality. Thank you, Jeanne Reeves

Mary J, Centerville MD
The order for a Sew Steady table arrived today and was faster than I expected.

Leigh R, Indianapolis IN
I am so pleased with my table. I have a 25 year old bernina and it fits perfectly, the berninia equivalent was 150

Jacklyn L, Green Bay WI
Everything was great!

Just want you to know I have only one problem with my order,that I didn't get one sooner. I love love my new table. It's more than I could have ever dreamed for. Thank you so much.

Lachresia B, Havelock NC
Dear Mr. Douthat, Just want you to know I have only one problem with my order,that I didn't get one sooner. I love love my new table. It's more than I could have ever dreamed for. Thank you so much. Blessings Lachresia Bogardus

Marlene H, Redwood Falls MN
Love this company. Won’t be the last time I order from here. They are so helpful

Norma D, San Antonio TX
I have an Elna 62c SU and was excited to see that you offered a table cut to match my freearm Elna, especially since it is an older machine. WOW. It fit perfectly. Needless to say I am very pleased with your product.

Jo Anne L, West Warwick RI
I just received my table about 29 minutes ago. It fits my machine perfectly. The delivery was shorter than you said it would be. I’m very satisfied. It’s made very well and the legs on it are made great! Thank you very much. Have a wonderful day.

Erin, Burns, OR
I wish I had found this site long ago! I have a nice little Pfaff machine which has served me well for many years. I use the machine on the counter, not in a case. I just recently decided to "google" Pfaff extension table, and this site came up. So, I took a chance and ordered the table! It arrived recently so I was anxious to try it out on my machine; it fit like a glove! The clear acrylic is beautiful, and I know the imbedded ruler will come in handy! What a wonderful product available for our sewing machines! Thank you!

Angir F, Spring Hill KS
Item came faster than expected, thank you

Joyce R, San Antonio TX
The price attracted me to this purchase, the quality is perfect thus far, and the shipment came well packaged and promptly. Thank you! If a had a few extra hundred dollars, I would buy a really nice machine from you. Your store representatives are a big help and almost always most accommodating.

Julie A, Twin Falls ID
I haven't received my order yet, but my shopping experience was great. I have ordered from you before so I am confident that I will love my product when I receive it.

Mary P, Orange Park FL
The extension table fit perfectly. I was pleasantly surprised that the product fit just as it was advertised considering that I have an older machine. I will be making future purchases for my sewing needs from Allbrands. Thank you.

Shellie T, Rainier OR
This is my 2nd purchase from ALL BRANDS and am quite pleased with the product. Fits my machine perfectly. Shellie

Judy S, Keota IA
Shipment was very fast from what I expected from customer service. Was nervous that it would not fit but looks like it does. Have not had time to use it yet but soon!

Durinda O, Gloversville NY
The table makes a huge difference in my quilting abilities. Just awesome. I don’t know how I got along before without this table. I’m spending a lot more time in my sewing room now.

Jean S, Mesa AZ
Have done business with All Brands for 10 years and it is a great company. I keep coming back.

Jane P, Monongahela PA
I’m very happy with the product and the shopping experience with AllBrands.

Gail B, Salem CT

Donna B, Siren WI
This was my third order and everything went smoothly as in the past. Thank you. I have ordered SEW STEADY tables for 2 sewing machines and my serger.

Joanne W, Hudson WI
Really love the work table and fits the machine perfectly!

Geri D, Brookfield WI
The customer service lady on the phone was very helpful and nice. I was checking on my order and she was a delight. Thank you.

Kathleen S, E Syracuse NY
Wow!! I absolutely love my new extension table! And if it werent for me looking for a part i needed i would have never known it existed !! I stumbled on your site and so glad i did!! So Thank you so very much you guys, it fits like a glove!!!

Kathryn L, Santa Barbara CA
I am pleased with the extension tables I ordered, just what I needed. The quality is excellent, arrived a head of schedule. I will order again from Allbrands. I did not rate telephone customer service as I did not have questions regarding my order. The website posted clear information and I felt confident the tables would fit my machines.... they're perfect. Thank You for providing excellent service and quality. Happy Customer

Judy N, Sulphur LA
Product was a Specially made Extension Table to fit my Brother machine and I'm Very Satisfied with the quality of that product. My only dissatisfaction was, if I had waited till this week to order it, there would have been a Big Savings for the Memorial Day Discount!

Jennifer T, Des Moines IA
Very pleased with the product and packaging. Arrived within the expected time frame. Looking forward to putting it to good use.

Teresa H, Springfield OH
Reasonable prices and ease of ordering. I will likely return if the need arises.

Lynda E, Pflugerville TX
Easy transaction. Love your company. Wish it was easier to find products on line. Wanted the sew easy drawer and could not pull it up with out going to a different table and then finding other product and found it at the bottom of that. hope that helps.

Judy H, Kingman AZ
Shopped and purchased same before for other machines. Happy with product and price

Christine N, Grover Beach CA
I love my extension table. It fits nicely around my machine making a nice flat surface for working on my projects.

James H, Millsboro DE
I am very happy with the products received. My only gripe is how long it took to arrive as it was almost two weeks from ordering on 23 February until it was shipped. The week it took for delivery wasn't bad for the shipping I specified.

James H, Millsboro DE
I am very happy with the products received. My only gripe is how long it took to arrive as it was almost two weeks from ordering on 23 February until it was shipped. The week it took for delivery wasn't bad for the shipping I specified.

Marianne C, Randleman NC
My extension table took a long time to get here but it was worth the wait! It got here just in time for a project I needed it for.

Lorraine C, Springfield NJ
Very Happy with experience

Julie C, San Luis Obispo CA
The extension table fits perfectly! Good work.

Gail Lyman, London TN
love my extension table, appreciated the help from customer service over the phone. Thought it would take a long time but came in a few weeks.

Denise K, Daleville IN
I have not received the product yet. I anticipate getting it tomorrow, February 25, 2018. I have had a pleasant experience ordering from your company. The response to my email was immediate. I viewed your website and I was thoroughly impressed, Not only with the products but with the number of classes and events you have posted i wished I lived near one of your stores. Sincerely, Denise K

Brenda E, Sebree KY
I just rec'd my order today and was very satisfied with it. The packaging was excellent, making sure it arrived perfect and no damage. I rec'd my order earlier than expected.

Susan B, Webster NY
received sew steady table, very easy to set up, seems to fit well. Haven't used it yet. Very timely delivery

Sandra G, Defuniak Springs FL
Could not believe how quickly my extension table shipped! The fit was good.

Nancy T, Greentop MO
I have purchased several of these Sew Steady tables from you and they have all been great!

Katherine S, Wamego KS
I LOVE IT!!! You may be getting some more orders from some of my sewing friends. They saw my table and loved it too!

Fay M, Ottawa CANADA
Thank you, very much for a great product and service. I am totally satisfied. Fay MacKenzie

Pat C, Edgewater FL
Great prices on Sew Steady products and prompt service. Again, I was surprised and pleased when I received the drop shipment from Sew Steady with the travel case and polish for my extension table.

Pat C, Edgewater FL
Great prices on Sew Steady products and prompt service. Again, I was surprised and pleased when I received the drop shipment from Sew Steady with the travel case and polish for my extension table.

Rob H, Dagsboro DE
I love my extension table! This product far exceeds my expectations! Can wait to start my next sewing project!

Laurie F, Madison WI
Fits my machine perfectly and arrived early!

Connie G, Exeter CA
The legs were too long, which made it higher than the machine so we had to cut off the tops of them so there was room enough to adjust the legs to make it even with my machine.

JeanAnn K, Clyde Park MT
When I ordered I was made to be aware product would not leave warehouse for 2-5 weeks. It will be just 2 weeks by the time my order arrives. Good service!

Janet S, Broadview MA
Your alert staff caught an error I made when ordering. A phone call from your company corrected my mistake. I use this table when I take my machine with me each week; used it the first time today, and it was perfect.

Marilyn J, Kenmore WA
Very happy with product and service. I will order with you again and gave already recommended you.

Sheila M, Chino Valley AZ
Thanks for the great service.

Cheryl H, McKenney Hwy
One of the best inventions since the automobile!

Sherry E, Coon Rapids MN
Great table. Love how it fits my machine.

J Lucas, CA
It is much better than the extension table that came with the sewing machine.

Elaine B, Thomasville NC
Item arrived sooner than expected. Quality item for a very good price.

Karen K, Stamford CT
The Sew Steady table is an absolute perfect fit to my Singer Quintet. Perfect. Thanks.

Carolyn W, Burlington WI
Nice having an even surface while I sew now. And it is always nice to find available coupons out there, I was able to buy a bigger size with the coupon I was able to find.

Violetta F, Louisa VA
Very pleased with table, and the speedy shipment. I ordered another for my Bernina 1300DC Serger.

Suzanne B, Miramonte CA
It arrived ahead of schedule and was exactly as represented.

Gail S, Wellford SC
perfect fit this was just what I wanted it to be

Kathie D., Illinois
LOVE this extension table!! I have had it for over 3 years and I never take it off no mater what I am sewing. Quilting with it is a breeze, making clothes is so easy. You won't regret at all getting this!

David R, Linden VA
I was concerned when I ordered the extension table for my older Necchi machine, but it fit like a glove! Delivery was on the exact day you said it would be. I'm very happy with my overall experience with your company. I will definitely be ordering from you again. David

Veronica N, Salinas CA
I love my table and it fits perfectly. I have already told several people who are looking for tables to check out your product.

Gloria B, Ontario CA
I always enjoy receiving your e-mails and everything I have purchased from AllBrands has always met or exceeded my expectations.

Diane C, Holly Springs NC
I love this extension table! It fit perfectly and was so easy to assemble. I might actually consider ordering another that is slightly larger for potential future use. Also very surprised at how quickly it shipped. Thanks again for a great product.

diann S, SAndston VA
I got my tables sooner than I expected. I really like them!

Ernestine R, Sacramento CA
I haven't used the table yet but it fits my Baby Lock Jazz just perfect. I didn't do any Telephone Customer Service since I have trouble hearing but I did receive an email with question on the carry bag size. After my response to you it wasn't long and I received everything by FedEx in just a couple of days. I would for sure use your company again for other merchandise if needed. Thank you for your fast service and great quality.

Sally B, Riverside RI
I'm sew happy with my purchase. All brands is my new go to site for sewing supplies.

Barbara C, Amherst WI
I have found your company to Be very dependable.

Raquel R, San Diego CA
I love the selection of products and the price very satisfied

Cindy H, Plain City OH
Thank you for the great service !

Alyson B, Verona PA
I am so pleased with this product. I opened it and used it immediately for the quilt I am making. Thank you for such a high quality product. I will recommend to all of my sewing friends.

Linda T, Hiawassee GA
Just received table in the mail. It seems to fit properly but have not tried it yet. The materials seem to be of good quality .... All is well .... I give it a go next week after the holiday. Thank you, Linda :o)

Debbie P, Billings MT
I actually went back today and completed my order with the MOM20 coupon you sent to me in my email. That was very helpful. Thank you!

C Findley, NC
My extension table arrived today, and it's exactly what I wanted. Thank you for checking on my order for me and staying in touch about it.

Carol F, Monroe NC
Thank you for taking the time to let me know that my extension table is on the way. I appreciate the attention to details and your customers.

Carol LH, Oakland Park FL
You need to add the # 10. Customer service deserves a 10. My eyes can deceive me so when I saw the picture of the table... I thought the tray came with it. But I am happily coming back to get the tray and the carry bag and the ruler foot and the templates.....I'm not quite sure about putting on the legs.. But I can't wait to get quilting. Thank You for a great product..i would definitely recommend your company. Carol

Claudette R, Beaumont CA
I can not believe how perfect the stand fits my sewing machine which is at least 15 years old. It even came with a built in ruler. I am thrilled. Thank you so much.

Barbara P, Greensburg PA
Love my extension table. Fits perfectly.

Sandra D, Leesburg VA
So happy with the speed you despatched table! Thank you.

Martha G, Gilroy CA
I am so happy with the quality of the item I purchased!

Janet B, Potosi MO
Very satisfied with product. Very well made and it fits my sewing machine perfectly.. Haven't had the opportunity to use it yet. But I know that it will work out to my satisfaction..Very pleased and I am sure I would order from your company again.

Deborah Bastow, Sorrento FL
Thank you this is my second table like them bith

Gail S, St John IN
I turn to your company for best prices on my sewing needs. Your company has been very responsive to any inquiry I've had. As a quality manager, your customer service has been top notch. Thank you for providing the needs of the sewing community at affordable prices as this hobby and/or business can get pricey very quickly. Good job.

Mary D, Boston MA
Love this table. It's part of my quilting family now

Susan S, Saukville WI
Nice being able to get a quality "custom" product at reasonable price and in timely period. Thanks for caring enough to ask for this feedback.

Julie B, Chinook MT
Love this table. Much easier to use than the table that comes with machine.

LInda B , Barberton OH
Best price free shipping I'm very pleased

Sandra V, Whittier CA
I was referred by the Manufacture and I was able to order with ease. I was given a time frame for shipment and I received my product sooner than expected. So happy!!!! I have yet to use my Extension Table, but I'm hoping that it will be the perfect fit. I will inform you of that when I do use it.

Dorothy D, Mendota VA
This is the third time I've ordered from from this company,I've been very satisfied each time. I would reorder anytime,good company.

Sandra N, Round Rock TX
Awesome piece, thanks

Diana R, New Windsor MD
I did receive the package on time for my trip will get back to you on 24th on a Cruise, Thank you!

Bernice K, Bowie MD
product was what I expected, quick turn around on the delivery.

Mary Perkins, Maine
I am a returning customer to this shop and have just received my 3rd extension table for my newest sewing machine. It is well made and fits my machine perfectly, as did my previous orders for my other machines. The adjustable legs quickly snap onto the acrylic table, its made with a thick, sturdy material. The 16" ruler on the table is extremely helpful. Very happy with the quality, processing time and shipping packaging.

Vada G, Woodridge IL
Timely ordering and delivery as promised. Excellent shipping packaging. Table fit perfectly.

Charlotte H, Rock Hill SC
received my order yesterday and the extension table fits perfectly. very pleased! I plan on ordering one for my Husqvarna Viking 936 serger soon.

Jan L, Perrysburg OH
This is the first time I used Allbrand to source and purchase an item. It will not be the last time. Thank you to the customer service rep who contacted me by phone and email to answer my questions and keep me updated throughout the process.

Linda Lundy, Green Valley AZ
Your customer service reps are the best. They answered my questions and even called me back with additional details. I have ordered from you before and have been satisfied with the results.

Terri O, Lynden KS
It was great, came fast and was happy with the price. I got a $10 off first time purchase and free shipping. Thanks!

Diane I, Amityville NY
Since the first time I ordered from your company it was always the best. When I called to ask about a product All Brands not only gave an honest answer, but also explained the pros and cons about the item and made suggestions about other products that were just as good or even better. They pack and ship with great care. After your item arrives they still help with any questions you have about use and care. No other company does this for the customers.

Randy B, Bloomington IN
Works great,thanks

Patricia G, Ormond Beach FL
Perfect. My product arrived timely and well packaged. I'm very happy and will be a return customer. Thank you for all your effort.

Jacquelyne T, Tower Lakes IL
I have never been dissatisfied with anything I have purchased from AllBrands and the customer service is absolutely outstanding. I always check this website first for any sewing supplies I need!

Diane C, Bakersfield CA
Love it!!! Fits perfect!!!!

Mary Jane H, Milford CT
I have waited for an extension table for a long time but could not afford it. This table was perfect. It fits as if the company was here measuring it. The price was the lowest I've seen in a long time. All in all, a perfect buy. Thank you

Kathy G, Titusville FL
Very pleased with quality and design of the table and it fit my machine perfectly!! Thank you!

Michelle F, Chesapeake VA
Could not believe the speed of delivery. Arrived in perfect condition and fits like a glove!

Michelle H, Swanton OH
Thank you for this product!!

Cheryl G, Grove City PA
Thanks! It fits my machine very well and I'm sure I will use it often.

Kelly R, Sonora CA
I only found this sew steady table I wanted from an Internet search that brought me to Allbrands. However, when I went directly to Allbrands website on another day to purchase this I could not find this particular table and I had to do a google search once again. This was frustrating because I wanted to clearly see my options for these tables on Allbrands site and I don't think I was able to view all of my options.

Jeannette Thulin, Olathe KS
I had to change my order due to a change in the serger that I had purchased. The respresentative at AllBrands was friendly, professional, and very attentive to my problem. I apologize that I do not remember her name. but she was very helpful and pleasant. Thank you for the great service from you company with this order and orders in the past.

Debra F, Plant City FL
My custom cut table was delivered so much faster than I expected. The videos on the project page really helped in my purchase, thank you

Patti F, Mckinleyville CA
Competitive pricing.and while it was a 3rd party item, I received it much earlier than expected.

Elinor N, Waban MA
The purchase went well. I had a chance to speak to a woman in customer service who helped me choose the product. She was extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

Wanda H, Clarksville TN
After placing my order I wasn't sure I understood if the order was the one I needed so emailed and was pleased with quick response on the weekend even.. The lady was very helpful and took care of my changes. I appreciated the fact that I was answered immediately and was taken care of. I will order again in the future. Thank you.

Peggy B, Scottsdale AZ
Received my replacement order for a shipment-damaged product in good time and with great customer service from your staff. This is a fantastic product, it fits my machine perfectly and I'm sure I'll get plenty of use out of it. Thank you!

Tracey G, North Attleboro MA
I am thrilled that my sew steady tables arrived ahead of schedule. I was also happy that I was able to use a coupon with my purchase. Great purchasing experience!!!

Suzanne D, Williamson NY
The item was a customized item for a specific sewing machine and expected delivery was numerous weeks. I was so surprised when delivery was made within 2 weeks, including shipping. Thanks for the great service.

Annita W, Morton IL
I am very happy with the extension table. Impressed with the finished touches, and it fits perfectly. Thank you very much.

Ann, Morton, IL
I received mine today, and I am thrilled with the extension table. It fits perfectly and is finished off so nice with the beveled edges. The legs are height adjustable and are very easy to adjust. Slips out easy for use of free arm or embroidery attachment. Thank you Allbrands.

Mary, Maine
The extension table I ordered for the Brother SE400 is perfect. It's an exact fit. Easy to snap on the legs and slide it around the machine. Excellent quality. Quickly made and shipped.

Janet F, California
I ordered the table and it arrived in less than 2 weeks. It just arrived yesterday. I love it. Very nice quality. Nice and steady, and very simple to install. Fits my sewing machine perfectly. Great Price, Great Value, Great product. Thank you!

I want to express my gratitude to Annette Douthat, Cust serv rep for her awesome job assisting me to make a decision re: an extension table for my machine. I had many questions so left the table on the 'shopping cart' from which she contacted me to offer her assistance. Well to make it short after we exchanged 7-9 emails in which she answered my questions and even sent me a coupon, I did make my decision and completed the order for a 18x24 table. I cannot wait to get started (hopefully my FMQ will improve). Thank you Annette Douthat

Jenni Barnes, Alexandria, VA
I would have bought one of these years ago if I had only known it existed! Super easy to install and it fits like a glove - very sturdy and stylish and reasonably priced IMO. Don't delay - buy one of these right away - you won't regret it!

Kathy , New Jersey
Customer service was so courteous and shipping faster than promised even with all the bad weather here on the East coast. Why did I wait so long to buy one, its like I have a new machine, my problem now is sewing and quilting is easier so now my machine is too slow. Thank you so much. Ps I watched the YouTube video and had it installed in 3 minutes.

Esther Howerton, Oregon
I ordered the large extension table 18"x24". I am so happy with this product. It fits my machine perfectly and all the outer edges are finished very nicely. I especially enjoy the engraving that was put on my table to personalize it. Thank you again for this wonderful product.

Lisa L, Boerne TX
Lisa wrote: "I had a custom insert made as well, I received a call from customer service to double check the measurements and received mine shortly afterwards. I was so happy with the customer service and price that I even posted on IG about a month ago when you had a $10 off coupon. There was a quilting IG friend who had just bought a new machine and needed an insert. I gave her your info and she ordered one and was able save a little $$&. I highly recommend allbrands and will continue to shop your store " Lisa

Judy Eisnor, Umatilla, FL
If I could rate this a 10 I would! I just got the table today. Did not expect it this fast. The FedEx truck pulled in the yard and I couldn't understand why, the I saw Sew Steady logo on the box. I was SO excited!! Out of the box and put together in less than 5 minutes. It fits PERFECT!!! SO nice to have an extension for my old sewing machine. I am trying to teach myself to free motion quilt and this table is a must have for anyone trying to master this art. I can not thank you enough for the great quality and expedited manufacturing and shipping your company provides!

Joyhce, Oklahoma
I want to express my pleasure with the table extension I received yesterday. Fit my machine perfectly. Thank you for your excellent workmanship.

Carol, California
You came via a personal recommendation from a neighbor and it was a simple easy purchase just as she had said. I love my new sew extension. Wish I had bought one sooner!

Penny, Michigan
The tables were in excellent condition and I tried them on my machines right away and they both fit perfectly!! Thanks you so much I will be shopping with you again!

Laure, Minnesota
I love my extension table; it's very well made and it fits just right!

Karla, Nevada
I've always had a good experience with all purchases I've made from your company. Keep up the good work.

Robin, Arizona
I love the extension table. Quick service. Thanks

Karla, Nevada
I've always had a good experience with all purchases I've made from your company. Keep up the good work.

Joann A., Minnesota
Love this new little table. Have a much larger one from another company and it is 'trash' compared to my new smaller one. Needed a smaller one for ease of transporting to retreats and classes.

Denise, South Carolina
3rd Sew Steady table, 2nd from AllBrands. 1st table bought from a Viking dealer which cost more and took them 2 months from order to delivery. AllBrands is great with fast delivery and great price and I will definitely be a return customer.

Patricia, Australia
Very happy with my purchase - it arrived in good condition, exactly as ordered and timing good.

Maureen, Arizona
Thank you. I have used this company quite a few times and have recommended you to many others. All seem very pleased. Take care and keep up your loyalty to your customers and employees.

Joyce, Kentucky
Easy ordering and produce came quickly and was of good quality and fit my sewing machine well.

Karen, Texas
Fits perfectly.

Doris, Minnesota
Exceeded my expectations. Order arrives a week before the earliest stated arrival date. It was such a pleasant surprise. Just like Christmas. Definitely would order again. Customer Service staff were excellent. Took my phone order on a very busy Saturday. She did an excellent job.

Margaret, Louisiana
Very pleased with purchase and received quicker than expected and fits my machine perfectly!

Patricia, Florida
Everything that I have ordered has been great, prices and delivery were very good.

Donna, Maryland
I love the table, but wish that it had suggested purchasing the sew steady table wax with it.

Penelope, Texas
Very nice product and most useful tool for quilting ease!

Lynn, Texas
Product is even better than described. Very good quality. Excellent service for ordering and delivery. Would highly recommend this site.

Michele, Maryland
So glad I found the sew steady table and ordered it from you. It is a great table, and your customer service is terrific! I will definitely order things from you in the future.

Raeleen, Oregon
Great service! Love the two sewing machine extension tables I purchased. Arrived sooner than expected! A+A+A+

Linda, Minnesota
I was very pleased with the product and the price was reasonable compared to other tables of this type at other suppliers. I am attending a quilt retreat in a couple of weeks and was hoping to get it in time for that and I did, which made me very happy! I had called Customer Service once and I was treated very politely. Though the person could not guarantee I would have the product by the time of my quilt retreat, she thought I would and said they are usually pretty good about getting the product out quickly. She was right! Thanks very much! I will certain tell others about you.

Virginia, Virginia
I am pleased with my experience with All Brands. I will look to yourweb site next time I am looking for sewing things.

Phyllis, Arizona
Very nice communication and customer service. Excellent price on product and fast shipping. I was expecting it to be delivered in 6 - 8 weeks and I got it in 2 weeks. Would definitely do business with your company again. Thank you.

Cynthia, Alaska
Thank you very much. The table fits my sewing machine like a glove. And it makes sewing so much more enjoyable for me. I am almost done with my first quilt.

Gillian, Michigan
I had been considering trying to get my husband to make a homemade table for my machine, I am so glad I found your company! I am thrilled with the custom table, it fits the machine perfectly and looks beautiful. Far better than anything my hubby could have made. It also arrived super fast. Thank you.

Karen, New Mexico
My Sew Steady Table came in great shape and It fits perfectly. Thank you for the speed in which it arrived.

Carolyn, Washington
Very pleased and the extension table fits perfectly. Thank you!

Janet, Ohio
A very high quality product.

Patty, Florida
Love dealing with Allbrands! I got a e-mail promptly asking me about the model number of my machines to make sure I was ordering the correct stlye. Your attention to detail is appreciated.

Tracey, Tennessee
This table is much larger andmore durable than the one that came with my machine. When my original table broke, I was concerned I would not find one that fit to my machine. This one is perfect!

Helen, Washington
I was absolutely shocked when I got my table about TWO weeks after ordering when I had expected it to take the 6-8 weeks as mentioned.. I also found your price to be the best. I just saw this same exact item in a catalog for alot more than I paid though your company. You can bet I will be recommending you to any of my friends who want to buy the Sew Steady table. I also contacted Sew Steady to express my thanks for getting it out so much sooner than expected. I received a very nice thank you from them. So nice to find great customer service.

Annette, Wisconsin
I like the improvements made to the table. The built in ruler and the rubber feet. It fits my machine perfectly and doesn't slide.

Rita, Massachusetts
Excellent product, excellent service.

Bill, Alberta, Canada
excellent service and delivery, the table extension fits perfectly, my wife loves it thanks you for such a great product, service and trun around time

Marjorie, Canada
wonderful service

Karen, California
I am thrilled with the product. Thank you so much!

Dagmar, Colorado
Acrylic table came faster than expected, was very well packaged and fit my machine perfectly. I am very happy with it!

Gail, North Carolina
It's nicer then I have seen of other quilting friends. Thank you

Wade, Utah
I found your website by simply using Google. My first experience with AllBrands.com has been beyond what I could have imagined. I was put in touch with Vernique (extension 124) and she went above and beyond to help me find exactly what I was looking for. She was knowledgeable and polite, and quick to assist me. My products arrived in perfect condition in time for the Christmas holiday, and I cannot be more satisfied with my experience with AllBrands.com. I will definitely check your website first the next time I need sewing products.

Mary Jo, Florida
When we opened our package my husband was VERY impressed with the quality of my purchase, we had never seem this product except in pictures on your website. Also I was very happy with how soon I received my order, it fit my sewing machine perfectly and I can't wait to start my next quilt because this will make it so much easier. Thank you for a price I could afford (I had been told it would be very expensive) and a high quality product. I will use your company again.

Joseph, Connecticut
Your product was excellent, and it fit just great. Product was here very fast. Will use you again. Thank You

Karen, Florida
Just opened my acrylics extension table for my Viking and love it! Great quality, great price and quick delivery! Thank you so much!

Norma, Tennessee
I am extremely pleased with all of the above but even more so am I delighted with the speed of delivery. I had expected to wait - and wait - and wait until the projected possible 5 weeks, but my anticipated table came in 10 days! Wonderful and I will obviously recommend your company to all my sewing and quilting friends.

Jane, Minnesota
I emailed my CSR as soon as my order was received exclaiming my delight in your product. I am very, very happy with the product and the service I received. Thank you!

Charlene, Oregon
Absolutely love the extension table. {must admit hubby not happy that I am taking up his favorite eating space to set it up when I use it tho. :-) ]. I see where other places are getting the size I purchased, but theirs cost more than yours. Keep up the good work.

Betty, North Carolina
Perfect fit--I hope I can really learn to machine quilt now! Delivery was much faster than I expected. Thank you.

Sharyn, New York
Wow, this is my 2nd Sew Steady (through All Brands) in recent weeks. Both fit my recently acquired vintage machines beautifully. Impressive. (I'm VERY satisfied.)

Laurie, Michigan
Company went way beyond amazing as I had originally ordered the table for one machine, and then, suddenly changed my order to fit another machine. No problem! The table arrived last night. I put it on the machine this morning. Perfect!

Helen, California
love my sewing machine table

Jo, Oklahoma
Yes, everything was great. I must admit that I was not sure whether to order from a web site but I was greatly surprised. I plan on telling others about my experience when they are looking to buy sewing machine items. thank you

Patricia, Kansas
I love my table! Directions to assemble very easily understood. Wish my attachment drawer could stay in place though.

Vally, Texas
I was extremely thrilled to visit your web site. Will continue and will tell my friends . Thank you

Jacqueline, Michigan
I recieved my table today. It fits my machine perfectly!! I have not had a chance to use it yet today, but looking at it on the machine, i wish i had ordered a larger size. The 11.5 x 15 is not as big as i had imagined. When it is on the machine, there really isn't much surface left for the fabric to lay on.

Lynette, Georgia
Just received my Sew Steady Extension Table for my new Brother sewing machine, I put it together in 2 seconds, adjusted the legs to fit my machine and WOW!!! It fits SO PERFECTLY, I can't believe it!!!! The quality is super too! I just realized that you also make a "Sew Straight Guide" to go with these tables!! I'm going to order one as soon as I finish this review. I am thrilled with my table!! Thank you so very much for the unbelievable fit and super fast shipping too!!! If you are considering getting one of these tables and not sure if it will work.....don't even hesitate! They'll will do it right!!!

Tanya, Tennessee
I am very pleased with my sewing table insert I love it thank you

Charles, North Carolina
The table arrived in pristine condiition and fits well on my wife Susan's machine. She is quite happy using it. Thanks

Howard's wife, Arizona
The table arrived sooner that expected and even my machinist husband was impressed with the quality. and it's almose half what the sewing store was going to charge. love it and have recommended to the ladies in my quilt group.

Rebecca, New York
Thank you! I highly reccommend the giant sewing table attachment it went on the machine with ease and was a great fit. Thanks again for the great service and product.

Kathy, Utah
Received it quicker than expected. Fits and works great.

Wanda, Texas
Thanks for a great product and very speedy shipment!

Cathy, California
Great first experience. Will be back for more! Thank you!

Deb, Florida
I always trust Allbrands with my sewing furniture purchases. Quite impressive, actually.

K Pate, Sugerland TX
Just wanted to say I received my Sew Steady table. Thank you for the prompt shipment and spectacular pricing!

Susan, Nevada
This was beyond what I thought I would get. Outstanding quality and I love the free Sewing Guide. I would highly recommend this to my friends.

Phyllis, Maryland
My new table is beautiful, fits exactly and arrived in two weeks. Thanks.

Barry, Florida
I am thrilled with my order and the speed which it was received. Both acrylic tables fit to a T and are beautifully finished. THANK YOU.

Karen, Tennessee
The table looks terrific and fits great. Thank you.

Tom, North Carolina
The product fits great. I was looking for a product that was custom made for my machine without the expense of custom sewing table.

Susie, Florida
It is very nice. And thank you for an excellent product. It is very helpful.

Emily, California
I love my new Sew Steady Portable Extension Table, it fit perfectly and was super easy to set up. I have been telling all my sewing friends all about it. Placing the order online was easy and I received it in the mail must faster than I had anticipated. So all in all my experience with your company has be wonderful. THANK YOU!!!

Ada, Texas
I've always received the best products at the lowest prices and best customer service at Allbrands.

Doneane, Wisconsin
I am very pleased with the speed that I received my order and the quality is outstanding. Thank you.

Christine, California
Excellent product, good price, speedy delivery, item exactly as described. A+++

Ali, Texas
I love my sewing extension table!!!

Patricia, Ohio
Absolutely love the way this extension table fits my machine. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to quilt using my Husqvarna Viking machine because I just didn't have the flat surface I needed. AllBrands to the rescue. Table fits perfectly. Thanks so much. Oh, and also, my order was here in just 2 weeks...can't beat that. Thanks, AllBrands.

Douglas, Michigan
I am so happy with the size and fit of the sewing table....it's exactly what I needed for my bernina! So excited I found your webpage! Thank you!

Elizabeth, New York
I received the extension table ahead of schedule. It's beautiful and is of high quality. The telephone staff was super friendly. All in all, I feel really good about my transaction with your company. Thank you.

Jami, Idaho
Love my sew steady table. It makes handling large project easier. I haven't tried quilting with it yet But I know it will make a huge difference.

Maria, Massachusetts
love my acrilic sewing machine extention table love the fact that it was custom made just for my machine, and it was shipped so fast also.. defenily like shopping at Allbrands.com and would let everyone know...

Diane, Texas
I cannot express how thrilled I was to have this wonderful accessory!! I can't imagine what those 5 days at the quilt retreat would have been like without the Sew Steady. Thank you!

Faith, New York
I am amazed at the quality of your product, and how accurately it fits my sewing machine. Thank you so much.

Sondra, Missouri

MaryLou, Oklahoma
Super pleased with product and online service. :-)

Kelli, Tennessee
I recently purchased a sew steady table custom fit for my old Kenmore machine. I would like to say it has exceeded all my expectations! I am so happy with this product. It is well made, and the ship time was awesome.

Karen, California
The special order product (Sew Steady table) was delivered faster than I expected, excellent packing with exactly correctly cut table. I will shop with ALLBRANDS.COM again without hesitation. In general all the products have very good information, description and excellent cross-referenced data to make shopping very easy. But I'll like to see country of origin. Some items have an insufficient photograph (like, I'm looking for optional presser feet) but I bet that depends on the manufacturer's information. Thank you to ALLBRANDS for a store where everything is available in one stop shopping. :)

Laura, Delaware
Was surprised to receive my order so quickly.

Ann, New York
I love this product! It fits my machine perfectly, the price was excellent and the quality is really great. thanks so much!

Linda, New York
I just love these tables and your prices are very reasonable. You have a very wide selection for all types of sewing machines.

Sandra, Virginia
I am very satisfied with this product. I received it much sooner that I thought I would. The price was cheaper. I would recommend shopping with this company.

Maria, New York
I just love it and can't wait to start my new quilt projects!

Phyllis, Georgia
It firs perfectly

Sheila, Arizona
Love my new extension table. thank you!

Virginia, Michigan
Perfect!! I'm really pleased with the way it fits my machine!

Sarah, Mississippi
I love my extension and it fits great.

Lena, Florida
Love this table! Wonderfully made and great quality!!

Patricia, Ohio
This was the first time I've run across your site. Very impressive!! Good products, great prices. I'll be back!

Evelyn, Ohio
Had never used your company prior to this order, very impressed with the timely manner in which I received my order, and appreciated the notice that the pkgs had been shipped and when to expect them. Actually received them sooner than expected, the table fit my machine perfectly, and is so great for my sewing projects to rest on, makes my sewing time a fun time for me. Thanks a bunch/Evelyn

Debra, Virginia
The Sew Steady Portable Extension table the storage case exceeded by expectations. The table really added to my sewihg ease and pleasure at the Quilting retreat I attended this weekend.

Ellen, Florida
Just received the table yesterday and it fits my machine perfectly! I definitely makes my sewing lines better as the material is now level with the machine presser foot! Thanks for the great product and quick service! I am a very satisfied customer and will recommend this product to anyone else having a similar requirement.

Julia, Montana
I ordered the wrong thing originally for my sewing machine and was extremely happy that they caught it on their own. Cancelled that order and reordered it for me. I was highly satisfied.

Lois, California
Young lady who answered the phone was wonderful. I sent you a personal thank you regard the assistance I received from her. Thank you for the excellent product you have and the wonderful service you provide.

Pam, Texas
My order came sooner than expected. The product is high quality at a great price. It was custom cut and it fit my machine perfectly. Love it

Mary, Ohio
I am an avid sewer and am so glad I found this web site...it has been shared with my fellow guild members.

Marian, California
I have ordered 3 tables from your company and am very pleased with my purchases.

Linda, Texas
Very pleased with my extension table. Setup so easy and it fit my machine perfectly.

Holly, Minnesota
I could not be more pleased with my new sewing table. It fits my machine perfectly and the quality is terrific. You were able to deliver my order in less than two weeks which completely exceeded my expectations. The price was very reasonable for a custom made item. Thank you for a great customer experience. I will happily recommend you to all my sewing friends.

Leslie, Virginia
The table fit my old Singer PERFECTLY. I love it.

Gail, North Carolina
Excellent Product ! ! ! Received product WELL BEFORE DUE DATE. I expected package 3-4 weeks out. The fit is PERFECT. Only after one day of use, I can't believe how I lived without it.

Mary, Tennessee
I received my table a few weeks ago and I absolutely love it. I couldn’t have asked for anything better, and the price was very reasonable. Thank you so much. It is wonderful. Now I can learn to quilt my own quilts instead of sending them out to be quilted. I love, love, love it. I would definitely recommend your website to anyone looking for a sewing machine extension table. You are the best. Once again, thank you so much!

Valynn, Tennessee
The extension table is very nice, fits my machine perfectly and is of very high quality. And I received it much faster than expected. It is a very nice addition to my sewing tools.

Sharon, California
My table arrived, and fits perfectly. Was easy to install. My ony problem was knowing if it would fit my Pfaff... took a leap of faith and it all worked out fine. Thanks, and planning on many hours of sewing with my new acrylic extension. =)

Marilyn, Arizona
Great Service and a Great Product

Linda, Pennsylvania
This is a quality table--much sturdier than the other 2 I purchased a few years ago from another place--and the price ws extremely cheaper too---thank you for your quality item and great service.

Jan, California
Excellent. Product was exactly as ordered and due to being customized to my need, shipping was relatively fast considering what could have been the wait time on a custom order. Thank you!

Pamela, New York
My extension table came in less than 3 weeks and I was very pleased as they said it could take up to 5 weeks. It fits my machine perfectly. I will visit your site again to look for other things. I am a very satisfied customer.

Mary, Montana
The product came sooner than was expected and it fits like a glove. I couldn't be more satisfied.

Susan, Michigan
Extension table fits perfectly. I received it sooner that predicted. Works great --thank you!

Ulrike, Indiana
The extension table arrived today in good condition. It looks beatiful and is a joy to work with. The ruler is a nice touch!

Jane, Texas
I usually don't do these evaluations, but I felt I had to because I had such a good experience! I had a difficult order and your company contacted me individually and followed up conscientiously. I had to email in my specs for the Sew Steady Table so I never figured out that it would be able to be built. Then the product arrived WAY before I expected it and it FAR exceeded my expectations. It fit PERFECTLY and I love using it. Thank you so much. You should be very proud of your employees.

Mary, Mississippi
I received the steady mate extension table yesterday. It was very easy to put together and fit my machine very well.

Dianne, Connecticut
Extension table just arrived and OH MY it is wonderful. Thank you for the speedy delivery!

Dorothy, Florida
the table fits perfectly! I will get many hours of use from it. The table arrived yesterday. Again just perfect!

Betty, Texas
I am thrilled with my sewing extention!!

Silvia, California
I am very happy with all the items I ordered from you, the acrylic extension table is wonderful asd was shipped and received much sooner than expected. I set it up really fast and it fits like a glove, same as the other parts I order for my Janome Harmony, I could not be happier with my order and I really appreciate the reasonable prices. Thank you I keep your site on my favorites for future need I might have, regards Silvia

Dawn, Michigan
I found everything I was looking for very quickly with only a minimum of clicking around and once I placed my order the items were shipped extremely quickly. I received my sewing machine feet within a few days and the custom sew steady table within 2 weeks. Wow! The quality of everything purchased is top notch, I will definitely be purchasing from you again. Thank you!!

Faye, Florida
It was a pleasure doing business with you. I received my item much sooner than expected. It arrived in perfect condidtion and fit like a glove on my sewing machine. (And thanks for the extra gift included in my package - the BUBBLE WRAP - My grandson danced and poped bubbles while grandpop sang for over 30 minutes!!! hehe )

Joan, New York
I'm very happy with my purchases from AllBrands. The estimated shipping time was sooner than stated, which was a bonus as well!

Patricia, California
Great price. Fast shipping. Would buy from you again. AAAAA+++++

Linda, Arizona
This table is a perfect fit and will give me many years of sewing comfort. I will continue to check your website for anything I'm looking for. Thanks for being out there for us older Americans.

Barb, Washington
Hi...I was very pleased with how quickly I received the sewing machine table extension and that it was partly put together making it easy for me to assemble the rest of it...thank you...

Barbara, Georgia
I am extremely satisfied with the customer service and the product received.

Marilyn, Massachusetts
It fit my New Home machine perfectly - love it. it was alot cheaper than having my husband make a table - and this way i can use my machine on any table with ease. - thanks

Lauren, Illinois
This is the second time I have ordered something with your company and again I am totally satisfied. Great telephone customer service and a very short turnaround receiving the product. Will definitely order again and recommend your company to my friends.

Brenda, Missouri
Will recommend AllBrands.com to others.

Jackie, Colorado
I received my Sew Steady extension table yesterday very well packed in large bubble wrap & totally free of damage. I ordered my extension table on May 27th and received it on June 10th, much faster than I had expected! After setting it up with no problems, I began using it immediately, it is wonderful. I love it! I like that it's not going to snag any of my fabrics as I'm sewing, I LOVE that it's made in the USA! I can take it with me in the motor home when we go south for the winter, and I'm amazed that you got such a great fit onto my old Elna Super 61C sewing machine. I wondered about the fit on such a old machine, but you nailed it. I look forward to many years of sewing lovely little girls dresses and items for myself and my home with this wonderful extension table. Thank you for such a wonderful product!

Lauren, Illinois
I was very happy with my shopping experience. My order arrived before the estimated shipping period. I love how the extension table looks and can't wait to use it. I'm anxiously awaiting the return of my sewing machine from being cleaned. Thank you again.

Dianne, Ohio
The extention table I ordered is very nice. I ordered another one for another sewing machine of mine and also some accessories. I told a few friends about your sight. and will visit it again

Vonnie, California
Very pleased with the extension table. It arrived a lot sooner then I thought it would. It fits perfectly!!! Thank you so very much!!!

Sherry, Kansas
I got my extension table quicker than I thought I would. It is a perfect fit to my old Bernina 830 and I couldn't be happier! Thank you

Ronald, Nebraska

Glenda, Florida
I am very pleased with my table,for my Husqvarna Sapphire fit perfect, shipped in a week it is a beautiful product.The price was great, when ordering for something like this you have doubts as to fit I can say it looks like it was factory made at the the time the was made.Will pass your company along to my guilting guild.Thanks for your speedy service.

Gwen, Illinois
Love the serger table; they did a great job!

Cyndi, Mississippi
The table as always fit PERFECT!

Susan, Utah
Easy to type into Google what name of product was; price was good; made in USA! Original shipment time est. 2-6 weeks, received in 1 week so that was impressive.

Susan, Utah
Easy to type into Google what name of product was; price was good; made in USA! Original shipment time est. 2-6 weeks, received in 1 week so that was impressive.

Michelle, California
Everything I have orderd has been great and just what I was looking for. Thanks again.

Kathie, Minnesota

The table arrived on Saturday and is perfect!! It fits like a glove. TIt more than exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much for all of your help. I really appreciate all the trouble you went through. It was worth it to see the look on my daughter-in-law's face when she opened the box.

Katie, California
Great to do business with you!

Cindy, Washington
Thank you so much. I definately will have this company on my favorites list. And it will be the first place I shop at. Have been very pleased from start to finish with the whole shopping expereince. Thank you for being concerned with how your customers feel. It shows you are genuine about giving exceptional service. Thank you.

Cecilia, Massachusetts
I have purchased from you years ago when I was a quilt teacher. I am always pleased with your service.

Elaine, Georgia
Love the product!

Dolores, Texas
I plan to keep Allbrands in mind for future purchases of this type. I am very pleased with the speedy shipping, expected it to take much longer. Also think your price was good.

Mary, Wisconsin
I ordered an extension table for my serger and it is wonderful! I ordered the sewing machine extension table for my sister and will get it to her in 2 weeks. I'm sure she will be as pleased with her table as I am with mine!!

Geraldine, California
Will order from All Brands again. THANKS

Carol, Indiana
I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the table I purchased. I thought the price was very fair as well. Had been searching for an extension table for a while with a preference for one that was specifically made for my sewing machine.

Barbara, New Hampshire
Works great! So glad I discovered this item!

Geraldine, California
I am always pleased when I order from AllBrands. Thank!!

Marcia, California
I ordered the Dream Works custom Jr. size acrylic table for my sewing machine and am extremely happy with the quality and fit! I now will be ordering the largest size to use at home and save the small to take with me when I go to quilt workshops and friendship group meetings.

Lucretia, North Carolina
Thank you so very much for this product. It works like a charm. I am very grateful for your kind and expert service. I will be ordering from you again. Your site is on my favorites list.

Cynthia, Missouri
I received my table and the best word to describe it....AWESOME!!!! It fits like a glove!!!!!! Thank you very much!

Sara, Indiana
Product arrived in excellent condition. I will most certainly use your company in the future.

Carole, Mississippi
This was a "top-notch" online shopping experience. I would recommend All Brands as a first stop for any sewing item needed.

Anne, North Carolina
The website is quite confusing, it was hard to find the correct product and then the small print information was just too small print! I had no idea my order would take so long due to custom cut of the extension table. I DO commend the customer service for their speedy reply to my e-mail when I questioned the processing of my order. It was nice to get an explanation quickly.

Glenda, Kansas
Love my new sewing table!

Sandra, Texas
Table was described accurately, arrived prior to stated delivery time, and fits machine perfectly. Great experience with the first time I've ever ordered from you. Will order again in the future. Thanks.

Diane, Oregon
The item arrived earlier than expected & was of superb quality.

Donna, Massachusetts
I was very happy how well my order was handled. I had ordered the wrong thing and the company wrote me right away and helped me out. I LOVE my table! It fits my machine like a glove. Wish I had something like this years ago.

Lori, Michigan
Great internet communication. Product was there a day before it was suppose to be. Great company to deal with. I will definitley buy from you again. Thank you.

Karen, Texas
I have purchased items from AllBrands before, and have always been very pleased. Thank you for offering such a nice selection of products.

Nancy, Oregon
I am so pleased with this extension table, and my husband was VERY impressed by the quality and workmanship of it..I will be sure to tell my sewing friends about it. Thank you.

Pat, Iowa
I was pleasantly surprised with the price of my order and the "free shipping". Thank you!

Carol, Ohio
good products at a fair price. Thank you!

Rebecca, Texas
Customer service was fantastic! I made a mistake on my order and they corrected it without any problems and very quickly! I will always look here first when I need something.

Cynthia, Illinois
I just wanted to say "Thank You" for my wonderful table. It arrived safe and sound and I will use it for many years to come. I will be quilting a baby quilt this afternoon and will use the table. Excellent service and I will order from "Allbrands" again. Best Regards, Cindy

Larry, Minnesota
I appreciate the great communication after the order was placed.

Mary, California
I have opened the box and set my sew steady table up with my machine and it's fantastic. Thanks and be assured I'll be sharing your website with my fellow quilters.

Darlene, California
I want to tell you that I love my table it is much more then I could have ever hoped, I will be ordering another one for my serger, I also have given your web site to my quilting friends so they can enjoy this wonderful product thank you again. Happy Lady, Dar

Nicole, California
Price and ship time were awesome!

Sharon, California
This is my first order with AllBrands and I am very pleased with the service. You have my future business and recommendations.

Pamela, Maine
Very happy with service. I have place other orders through your site and had very good service.

Lynne, California
Super product. It is a dream to have this extension table which fits my sewing machine so well, is of good quality, shipped sooner then expected, and does the job it says it will do. I'm delighted with the table and the company.

Rita, Texas
Excellent service on all my orders.

Myrene, New Mexico
Thank you for a great shopping experience. The Sew Steady Extension Table I ordered arrived within the time frame indicated on your web site. It was well packed and arrived in perfect condition. It fits my sewing machine perfectly. Your price was the best I could find and there was free shipping on this item. Thank you, again.

Nancy, Florida
Excellent service. Delivered on schedule. Great communication. Recommend highly.

Kathi, Illinois
I really was worried about ordering a custom made extension table, would it fit my old machine, being made of plexiglass would it arrive ok or in a million pieces due to the cold weather. Well, the table fits PERFECTLY!!!! It was packaged very well. I would certainly consider checking out allbrands for any of my future sewing needs. Thanks.

Terry, California
My order arrived 2 weeks sooner than I expected! Thank you. The product was even better than my old one! You are the BEST companmy I have ever worked with Keep it up because I am going to recommend you to my friends and the students in the classes I teach in quilting.

Donna, Wisconsin
Excellent product. I will recommend product and your company to my sewing guild. Thank you!

Carolyn, Oregon
I am very satisfied with the product. I will probably order another one since I inherited my mothers sewing machine when she passed away. Overall experience was great.

Elizabeth, New Mexico
Your service has been excellent. Will continue ordering from you whenever your products are needed.

Joyce, Michigan
It was here before promised. Thanks

Gary, Tennessee
Honestly I was amazed at how quickly my order arrived. Everything about my shopping experience with your company was exceptional. I will certainly recommend you to others. Thank you.

Sue, Texas
Thank you for the prompt delivery of my extension table. I look forward to shopping with you again.

Elizabeth, New Mexico
Was very pleased with service and whole shopping, shipping experience.

Barbara, Mississippi
Second time I've ordered and it was easy!

Jan, Washington
This is the second Sew Steady I have ordered from you. Fast service, and correct fit. Many thanks. Will be using your company again and will recomend your product lines. Best regards, Jan Sabin

Julie, North Carolina
Since I discovered allbrands.com, it is the first place I go to when I need something. I love the site!

Donna, California
Very happy with your service.

Donna, California
Very happy with your service.

Antoinette, California
Loved the service and the product!

Tanya, Maine
Really like this product!

Kimberly, Nebraska
I am very happy with my purchase, it fits my sewing machine perfectly - and delivery was quicker than quoted!!

Elizabeth, Wisconsin
I am extremely happy with my extension table and your customer service.

Betty, C
Keep up the good work!

Kathryn, Florida
I ordered an extension table for my Pfaff 350p Smart Machine. It is a needle punch machine only & a fairly new model. When the custom fit extension table came it fit perfectly. It was also less expensive than if I had ordered through my dealer. Thank you!

Patricia, Haymarket, VA
I was so pleased with the sew steady table I have ordered another for my travel machine. The service was good and it arrived as promised. Thank you I will be recommending your site to my friends.

Arlene, Irwin, PA
Your telephone customer service reps are the best I've ever dealt with. They are very knowledgeable, friendly and seem genuinely interested in assisting the customers which I find very refreshing as are the representatives in your return department. I enjoy purchasing from ALLBRANDS.com and will do so in the future. You should be very proud of your staff.

Kevin, Shoreham, NY
Placed order and filled-in required information. Item arrived today within the timeframe promised. Would recommend doing business with ALLBRANDS.com - very satisfied

Laurie, Virginia
I will be checking your web site often for the supplies etc that I need for my embroidery hobby and business. Thanks to all of you who make this a great way to shop. Sincerely, Laurie

Dawn, Greenwood, IN
This was the best price I've seen on this table. It fits my sewing machine perfectly! Thanks so much for offering such a great product at a great price.

Barbara, Spearfish, SD
I really enjoyed the expedite service. I am glad to have found you and will always look to your site when in need of sewing items. Thank you folks very much.

Mindy, Ohio
Hi, I received the table today, and I absolutely love it. It makes sewing (quilting) so much easier!! Thank you

Diane B., Minneapolis, MN
The extention table fit my pfaff machine and I'm very please with how it works.

Laurie J., New London, OH
What I needed you didn't have but Lynne went way out of her way to try to accommodate me. I was very pleased with your customer service. I just wish you would have been able to get me a feed cover plate for my Singer 2210. It seems to be a rare find.

Fern S., Lewiston, ID
I received very prompt shipping, thank you.

Kama W., Milton Freewater, OR
This product was sent to another person so I did not actually see it. I am impressed at how fast you got it out given that it had a four to six week delivery date and it was received in less than three weeks. Thank you

Kathleen S., Eugene, OR
One small suggestion: Please mention all items ordered on the packing slip and note "shipped separately" for items not included. The confirmation that the additional items are, indeed, coming would save worry.

Virginia D., Grandview, WA
I don't know how you did it but the price you offered was less than the manufacturer's price on their web site.

Hazelene M, Hayward CA
Very satisfied with purchase, it is a perfect fit. Thanks so much for a great product.

Mary T, Yuma AZ
The sewing table extension is the second item I have ordered from your company and I have been pleased with your service with both orders. Thank you

Paula M, Farmington NM
The only problem I have is that I still have not received my clear extension table yet. That is the only thing I have a complaint about. Everything else was exceptional. Thank you, Paula (Sew Steady custom made extension tables can take 4-6 weeks)

Judith B, New Bern NC
Very pleased with All Brands. Will definitely do business in the future. Judith

Shari F, Simi Valley CA

Kay T., Monroe LA
I have been shopping around for a table extension for a couple months. I was at a weekend retreat and saw several of your tables and knew right a way that this is the table I wanted. It fits my machine and I love the beveled edges, ruler and size. Your customer service and quality of the product is great. I will recommend your company to my friends in the quiltng world!! Thanks