Get the gift that keeps giving! This is the Ultimate Quilting with Templates Design Guide. Get inspired to finish all your quilt tops at home with the “Essence of Tradition Design Club” Full year membership includes:
  • 13 Traditional Block Patterns
  • 50+ Quilting Designs (4 per block)
  • 13 Westalee Design Templates (available in Low shank, High shank or Long Arm Thicknesses)
  • 13 Instructional Videos
  • Notebook with Design Tools & Patterns
  • Plus get 10% Discount on optional designs & patchwork tools

    This project uses Westalee Design Templates, with a Design Guide Created By Donna McCauley
    *Note this project is not intended to be duplicated as shown, but rather to be used as a design library and guide to quilt your own projects. Optional templates and designs are shown for inspiration.

    Quarterly Releases:

    1st Release – December 15th (Includes: Notebook, 3 Templates / Patterns / Videos)
    2nd Release – March 15th (Includes: 4 Templates / Patterns / Videos)
    3rd Release – June 15th (Includes: 3 Templates / Patterns / Videos)
    4th Release – September 15th (Includes: 3 Templates / Patterns / Videos)
    Cost for Full Year: $450.00 (Total Value $650.00)
    – OR –
    1st Qrt Only: $150.00* (Includes: 3 blocks + notebook)
    *100.00 each for additional quarterly releases

    Click Here to get a sample of the releases coming(.PDF)
Introducing the Essence of Tradition Quilting Club