This book contains tutorials on topics such as: on zone to zone (Brother only) , uploading purchased patterns, pattern placement, repair a pattern, pattern CAD and quilt CAD for PRO version only. Useful for Brother Dream Motion Software and Robotics operation. It might help with Grace Quilt Motion PRO and Robotics, however it was made for the Brother 3x5 foot zone to zone frame so there are steps that don’t apply on the larger Grace SR2+ and Continuum frames.

  • This is a soft covered, 130 page spiral bound book.
  • This book can be used for any end user that would like help with the software.
  • This book is currently in stock at Brother and available to order and ship now.
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Zone to Zone Quilting with THE Dream Motion™ Pro

VIDEO How-to: Record: Overview on How to use THE Dream Motion™ SoftwareTHE Dream Motion™ Automation Software provides a top-of-the-line automated quilting experience, offering versatility which works for both beginners and pros. Developed exclusively to work with THE Dream Fabric Frame’s fabric management and Zone to Zone quilting process, it’s as easy as select, place and sew. The intuitive layout allows you to create, design, edit layout and quilt with precision. Choose the software package that’s right for you from the two software options that may best suit your quilting automation needs. Select either The Dream Motion™ Software OR upgrade to The Dream Motion™ PRO.
Donna C, Tucson AZ
great experience with: searching for needed/wanted products; talking with customer service; & receiving the items I ordere

Donna CB, Tucson AZ
I had to call Technical Support to assist me because I got to the point of adding my longarm machine. I have not received the longarm or frame and other items I ordered and I was past the 10 days for registration of the software. The Technical person was very good and patient with me because I also had a new windows tablet & had not used Windows in over 3 years because I have a MAC. She was so patient with me and I was very happy with her support and for everything she did to assist me with my software. Thanks for a good Technical Support Team

Linda C, Keysville GA
Made many purchases.... before... thats why I choose allbrands... Thank you