Please note you can choose to add an iron to add to this boiler. They are all 120V, compatible with the boiler, and all feature different length hoses. Please choose from the following irons:
  • 2100IR (standard iron option): 7' hose, 3 lbs. (1.75 kg)
  • 2150IR: 11.5' hose, 3 lbs. (1.75 kg)

    Auto Professional Iron Station
    The newest member to our series of steam boilers, the 8000IS provides continuous steam for an unlimited amount of time when it’s hooked up to a direct water line. There’s no more down time waiting for the boiler to re-pressurize. The 8000IS is the perfect choice for environments that require large volumes of uninterrupted steam.

    It's All About the Steam
    The 8000IS excels at producing quality, dry, pressurized steam. Pressurized steam is the fastest and most efficient way of ironing. It allows the fibers of the fabric to be softened quicker, with the weight and heat of the iron laying the fibers down flat. This creates the crisp and clean finish demanded by professionals.

    • Automatic shut-off of pump in case water supply is interrupted
    • Boiler thermostat reset switch
    • Heavy-duty adjustable feet
    • Low water light indicator
    • Regular tap water
    • Ranco pressure control
    • 12-gauge heavy-duty wiring
    • Stainless steel tank and outer casing
    • 1 Incoloy heating elements
    • Blow down valve
    • 20-30 minute heat up time
    • Continuous steam
    • 20-amp plug required
    • Direct connection to a water line
    • Unlimited hours of continuous steam

    4.5 Bar Pressure-Ironing is much easier when you have lots of steam pressure. The 8000IS X-Long Steam Hose will give you consistent volumes of high-pressure steam ensuring a crisp, clean finish to all pressing tasks.

    THERMOSTAT RESET BUTTON-Say goodbye to burnt out heating elements. The thermostat reset system is the ultimate protection for your investment, automatically shutting-off the heating element when the water is low.

    DIRECT WATER FEED-The 8000IS X-Long Steam Hose provides continuous steam for an unlimited amount of time when it's hooked up to a direct water line.
  • US Warranty 2-year warranty
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
  • WATER CAPACITY Unlimited
  • BOILER CAPACITY 1.25 US gallons – 4.5L
  • OPERATING PRESSURE Up to 80 PSI – 5.5 bar
  • 2100IR - 7’ steam hose
  • 2150IR - 11.5’ steam hose
  • TANK CONSTRUCTION Stainless steel
  • STEAM CONNECTOR TYPE Quick-release
  • NET WEIGHT 26 lb. – 11.7 kg
  • SHIPPING WEIGHT 30 lb. – 13.6 kg
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS 12.25” x 14.25” x 20.5”
  • SHIPPING DIMENSIONS 16” x 14.75” x 24.25”
  • ELECTRICAL APPROVAL ETL Special Inspection

    1. Water connection (tap with hose holder); the steam generator will be connected to the tap with hose holder labelled WATER INLET (fig. 5 #1), placed on the Boiler, via a rubber tube which must have a pressure capacity of at least 100 lbs. This rubber tube must be fixed tightly with 2 hose clamps.

    (NOTE: before inserting the rubber tube into the water inlet, you must flush a few liters of water in order to clean the conduit)

    2. Protected electrical plug, suitable to the power voltage of the steam generator.

    3. 8000IS - Screw the nozzle into the steam fitting and plug in the 4-pin receptacle for the electronic foot pedal. 8000CD - Connect the steam gun or steam brush the same way using the quick disconnect steam hose.

    4. 8000IS - Insert the two-piece wand into the flange on top of the boiler, tighten with the side screw and attach the spring on the iron hose to the coil end of the wand.


    1. Use only tap water.

    2. Flush the Boiler once a week, making sure that the unit is shut off and that the Boiler pressure is not over 0 lbs. (pressure gauge). Open exhaust tap slowly (water discharge). During this operation wear appropriate regulation gloves, in order to avoid burns.

    3. Never leave hot iron on the ironing board.

    4. Connect the Boiler to suitable protected plug.

    5. When not in use, switch the Boiler off and close the water tap; remember to open the water tap before switching on the machine again (only for the units connected to the direct waterfeed).

    6. Always keep children away from the Boiler, both when it is on and off.

    7. Make sure that during cold seasons the tubes that connect the Boiler to water supply do not freeze.

    8. Do not put additives in the water.

    9. Standard and extraordinary maintenance must be carried out by authorized personnel and all the components must be replaced only with original spare parts.
Other Images

icon DIRECT WATER FEED The 8000IS provides continuous steam for an unlimited amount of time as it must be hooked up to a direct water line.

icon THERMOSTAT RESET BUTTON Say goodbye to burnt out heating elements. The thermostat reset button is the ultimate protection for your investment, automatically shutting-off the heating element when the water is low.

icon 2100IR Professional Iron

icon PRESSURE GAUGE A pressure gauge is standard on the 8000IS. It gives you a constant, visual indicator of the internal boiler pressure.

icon BLOW DOWN VALVE Cleaning the inside of the 8000IS is a simple task with the supplied blow down valve.

icon Quick Release Valve

icon ADJUSTABLE FEET The 8000IS is supplied with commercial grade heavy-duty adjustable feet that allow the unit to be leveled to the working surface.

icon MADE IN ITALY Made in Italy with strict attention to quality components and construction. Designed to please aesthetically and to go beyond expectations for performance.