Compare M Lance BCC-M Fashion Designer 5 METRIC Rulers Kit with Portfolio Carrying CASE, French Curve, Aluminum Hip and Arm Hole Rulers, Graph and Aluminum L Square. Click HERE

  • Metric Measurements
  • Pattern Designer Kit
  • 4 Rulers
  • 20 Page Book
  • First choice for students, hobbyists, and professionals in the field of fashion design and pattern making
  • Kit contains three rugged, yet lightweight, aluminum tools, a clear plastic scale perfect for lighttable and CAD use and A Guide to Patternmaking book
  • Tailor square is used to transfer tape measurements of the human figure to flat patterns using a wide range of calibrations assists in making all measurements required for wearing apparel
  • Hip curve used to develop and draw lapel, elbow, skirt, trouser, and other special contours calibrated on one edge of both sides
  • Modified vary form curve has a new improved design and is used to draw armholes, sleeve caps, necklines, and for fitting the bodice, smoothing waistlines at darts and similar tasks
  • Modified vary form curve replaces a full set of French curves, allowing the user to draw a wide range of arcs by simply rotating the tool and is calibrated on one edge of both sides
  • Transparent rule with centering scale has a metric rule on one edge and a metric rule on the opposite edge for a variety of straight-line measuring and drawing tasks
  • Centering rule is used for buttonhole spacing, splitting darts at the waistline and similar dividing chores.
  • Crystal clear plastic with precise black increments and grid pattern make this tool ideal for use on the light table or the latest computer-aided fashion design equipment.
  • Available in English and Metric versions
Included Accessories
  • 24" x 24" Designer's L-Square (Tailor Square)
  • 24" Curve Stick (Hip Curve)
  • New 12" Modified Vary Form Curve
  • English/Metric Transparent Rule with Centering Scale
  • 20 Page Book: A Guide to Patternmaking