Series 1000 – Pathways to Sewing...
In this 10th season of It’s Sew Easy, join today’s sewing, embroidery and design experts, featuring Angela Wolf, to explore the variety of pathways that lead to sewing. Important life events, costumes, a new home, fitting challenges or changing needs are all reasons that people start to sew. What or who inspired you to sew? Along the sewing pathway, look beyond ready-to-wear to design and sew costumes, garments, accessories and home décor as you build your sewing and embroidery skills.

Today’s foremost sewing, embroidery and design personalities share their favorite ideas, projects, techniques and tips to create professional-looking garments, accessories and home décor.

So come on along ! Let’s get onto the pathway to sewing and see why It’s Sew Easy!

1001 - Sewing for Babies and Children
Babies and children are a great inspiration to sew. Couture fashion expert Angela Wolf transforms a simple t-shirt into a super cute girl’s dress. Then, she shows how to make spaghetti straps quickly. Pattern designer Krista Tracy makes a trendy waterproof backpack to use as a diaper bag or a pool or gym bag.

1002 - Let’s Dress Up
Along the path to sewing, the need for a costume is a great reason to start to sew. Sewing experts Janet Pray and Jessica Johnson alter a basic pattern to make a cute, cuddly and safe toddler costume. Fashion designer Angela Wolf shares a neckline tip and fabric artist Terry McFeely creates whimsical fairy wings for anyone.

1003 - Distinctive Style
Sometimes a photo in a magazine can lead the way toward sewing custom fashions and accessories. Couturier Angela Wolf sews a fashionable fleece jacket and then fringes wool to create a flirty handbag. Designer Kay Whitt creates a colorful custom bag with a handy concealed zippered pocket.

1004 - Costume Fun
Once you gain sewing confidence, you can explore new possibilities. Cosplay enthusiast Cheryl Sleboda fearlessly sews with unusual fabrics to create today’s trendiest costumes. Angela Wolf embroiders on leather and embroidery educator Rebecca Kemp Brent creates changeable body art with faux tattoos for fun and fashion.

1005 - Wedding Bells
The pathway to sewing may lead right down the aisle. Fashion expert Angela Wolf shows how to embroider on tulle to create a stunning one-of-a-kind wedding gown. Quilt designer Kim Montagnese creates a keepsake ring-bearer pillow with computer design software and creative embellisher Clare Rowley tops it off with custom-made bridal veils.

1006 - Cosplay
Many people who never sewed before are sewing spectacular costumes for cosplay events. Rebecca Kemp Brent, sewing educator, shows how to make a Renaissance-inspired suit of armor from a sweatshirt and designer Angela Wolf adds top-stitching for fashion effects. Cheryl Sleboda, costume enthusiast, lights it all up by adding lights to garments, costumes and accessories.

1007 - Sewing for People with All Abilities
Sometimes we sew to adapt clothing for people with special abilities or sew to help others. Fitting expert Peggy Sagers shares simple techniques to make contemporary fashion comfortable and functional for anyone. Designer Angela Wolf changes the angle of a pocket to update the look. Sewing educator June Mellinger presents easy, meaningful and useful sewing projects to benefit important causes in your community.

1008 - Stepping Out
On your journey toward sewing, release your inner designer. Joanne Banko, sewing and embroidery educator, creates a sharp Western-inspired jacket. Angela Wolf shares couture tips for belts and embroidery expert Rebecca Kemp Brent customizes embroidery to make badges, patches and insignias for costumes or jackets and hats.

1009 - Sewing 101
Let’s go back to sewing basics. Sewing industry insider Janet Pray shows how to sew more efficiently and comfortably with good sewing ergonomics. Lynn Lunoe, sewing educator, explains how to use the feet and accessories that come with a sewing machine. Blogger and designer Heather Valentine quickly sews up a fun, fashionable and super-simple skirt.

1010 - Decorating at Home
When the pathway leads to a new house or apartment, make it feel like home by sewing decorator accents. Lisa Shepard Stewart, author, designer and fabric expert, makes designer-quality pillows with faux piping trim. Angela Wolf, custom fashion designer, has a tip for cutting buttonholes. Quilt designer and fiber artist Kim Montagnese adds color and texture to a contemporary wall-hanging with thread painting on a frame.

1011 - What’s Trending
Step off the traditional path and sew your own signature style. Designer Kay Whitt adds decorative hem bands to create colorful on-trend fashions. Pattern designer and custom clothier Angela Wolf shows how to create a perfect hem. Then, she redesigns vintage ready-to-wear to channel today’s runway look.

1012 - Fashions and Fit
Achieving a perfect fit inspires many to start to sew. Using custom measurements, sewing educator Joanne Banko creates a well-fitting boho skirt on the serger. Angela Wolf, author and designer, shows how to sew flat-felled seams for a tailored look. Then, she shows how to make custom-fitted pants and jeans that flatter any figure.

1013 - Sewing as a Business
Your pathway to sewing may lead to a career in design, sewing or embroidery. Commercial embroiderer Paulette Bell shows how to start your own custom embroidery business. Angela Wolf, designer and pattern creator, adds sparkle to table accessories and shares her experience as a successful entrepreneur developing a custom sewing and fashion design business.
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