AlbaChem DRY SILICONE Long Lasting Lubrication Does Not Attract Dust and Direct Guaranteed Not to Stain Fabrics Prevents Friction and Heat Build-Up V.O.C. Compliant and many more 101 Uses! Textiles, Furniture, Machinery, Automotive, Paper & Converters, Industrial, Mold Release Agent, Heat Sealing, Screen Printing. No. 1654 Net Wt. 11 oz. (312 grams)

AlbaChem 1654 Dry Silicone Material Safety Data Sheet(.PDF)
Dry Silicone Spray
Unlike many other rotary hook sprays for sewing machines, it cleans AND lubricates.
Included Accessories
6 Cans of 11 oz Albatross AlbaChem® 1652 Dry Silicone