For Industrial Embroidery, Quilting, Serger, Blindstitch Sewing Machines

AlbaChem ALBA-5 LUBRICANT Precision Metered Oil Release Will not drip or run 100% Clear Lubricating Oil Great for Embroidery, Sewing and all textile machinery Applies a drop at a time! The unique metering system sprays one drop of oil each time you depress the button. Using the extension tube, the oil goes exactly where you want it. No excess oil is wasted. No stain causing drips. No. 1605 Net Wt. 6.84 oz. (194 grams)

Alba-5 1605 Lube Spray Material Safety Data Sheet(.PDF)

Alba-5 1605 Lube Spray Technical Data Sheet(.PDF)
Included Accessories
6 Cans of 6.84 oz Albatross ALBA-5 1605 Embroidery Lubricant Oil