ETA Mid June! SureStitch Elite boasts a sleek upgraded design, user-friendly touchscreen interface, and additional brand-new features like an edge warning alarm and built-in ruler and calculator functions. Getting perfectly consistent stitches is now easier than ever.

SureStitch Elite adds a sense of modern-day smarts and know-how to home machine, Elite also includes all cords and plug ins to make it compatible between specified machines.
Introducing our new and enhanced version of the SureStitch that quilters know and love.

The SureStitch Elite turns your home machine into a smart machine! Like the original SureStitch, this savvy product is a stitch regulator with multiple functions that keep stitches more consistent and better looking.

We’ve upgraded the SureStitch Elite with a sleeker design, a user-friendly touchscreen interface, and some very exciting new features:
  • Customizable stitch length presets and adjustable minimum speed setting for improved stitch quality
  • Measuring function and built-in calculator to make getting exact measurements easier
  • The soon-to-be-favorite feature: a brand-new patented edge warning system that warns when stitch are getting close to the edge of the quilt to help keep your designs looking just like they should – beautiful!

    This stitch regulator is designed to work with the frame. It comes with encoders that roll along the carriage and regular tracks to know where the machine is and how fast it is going. It doesn’t work without being on a frame.

    Sure Stitch length regulator vs. speed control box: a Quilting Board Discussion. In September I purchased a Grace II frame with a Brother 1500s machine. I added the Grace Sure Stitch which is a dual function stitch regulator. You can set the stitch size and the speed adjusts with how fast you move the machine. I can't imagine doing without either.
  • US Warranty 5 years parts, 90 days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
Sure Stitch Elite Compatibility
Sure Stitch Elite Compatibility Chart

Baby Lock: QCP, Jane, Jazz II
Brother: PQ1500, NV1500D, NV2500D, NV4000D, 4500D, 4750D, VQ2400, VQ3000, VM6200, XV8500D, XV8550D, NV6000D, NV6700, NV6750D, VM5100, VM5200, BQ2450, BQ3050, BQ2500, BQ3100
Elna: 7100, 7200, 7300
Janome: QCP, 1600P, HD9, M7 Continental, MC6500P, MC6600P, MC6700P, MC7700QCP, Horizon 7200, Horizon 8200QCP, Horizon 8900QCP, 9400
Juki: TL98Q, TL98QE, TL2000QI, TL2010Q, TL2200 Mini, TL18
Pfaff: Grand Quilter, Creative Icon, Creative 2.0,3.0,4.0,4.2, Creative Performance, Creative Sensation, Creative Sensation Pro, Pro2, Creative Vision, Expression 2.0,3.0,3.2, Expression 3.5,4.0,4.2, Expression 710, 720, Performance Icon, Performance 5.0, 5.2
Viking/Husqvarna: Mega Quilter, Saphire 830,835,850,870, Saphire 875,930,960,965, Tribute 140C, Brilliance 75Q, Designer Brilliance 80, Designer Epic, Designer Diamond, Designer Diamond Deluxe, Designer Diamond Royale, Designer Ruby, Designer Ruby Deluxe, Designer Ruby Royale, Designer Topaz 20, 30 ,50, Eden Rose 250C, Epic 980Q
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icon Grace SSE-01-15125 Sure Stitch Elite Stitch Length Regulator for Portable Home Sewing Machines on Grace Frames

icon Sure Stitch Elite handle bar controls

icon Sure Stitch Elite Box

icon Sure Stitch Elite Welcome

icon Sure Stitch Elite Plugs

In a previous email I posted some misinformation.
I would like to clarify that at this time.
I posted that the SureStitch Elite would function with the F, G, DX, and NX machines.
I am sorry to say that currently the SureStitch Elite will only work with the Juki TL series machines.
The NX series machines are being tested but a re not currently supported. Juki